How to Show and Recieve Love?

Why not change the situation? Be the first to give, not the first to anticipate receiving. Nothing compares to the satisfaction and fulfillment you have when you witness someone beaming with excitement after receiving your present.

Nowadays, people have become so dependent on worldly stuff that they eventually stop appreciating the true beauty of life. We cannot take our material wealth from this world with us when we pass away. Our existence is only meaningful because of the joy and memories we share with one another. We overemphasize things that don't even important, which is extremely depressing.

How to Show Love - Giving to Those That Which You Wish to Receive

We are incapable of appreciating things that money cannot purchase.

Give to those whom you would like to receive from. Don't hold off on showing them your affection until you receive anything from them. Anything you send out into the cosmos will return to you, according to the Law of Cause and Effect. You might not realize it now, but the effort you put out will eventually pay off.

You receive after you give.

You must show love if you expect to receive it. You cannot just keep taking things. Your self-centeredness won't go you very far. You will get what you deserve if you sow great things. A cycle exists. One example is when you start treating someone badly, and depending on the seriousness of your behavior, fairly soon that person will start treating you badly as well. We would have achieved world peace by now if we could just learn to begin the cycle with love.

Begin with goodness.

When you begin something with goodness, nothing goes wrong. On Valentine's Day, if your partner is unable to send you flowers, consider giving them yourself. Start the loving action. Additionally, the internet makes it much simpler for us to get beautiful bouquets of flowers online. Put your ego in check; being the first to donate doesn't make you a bad person.

Stay true to who you are.

Don't act hypocritically by giving the impression that you can provide something even if you know it is beyond your means. In the process, you won't instantly kill yourself. Giving what you don't have is never possible. Accept yourself as you are and do your best to help others. Embrace self-honesty. Any present, regardless of size, will be appreciated as long as it was given truly by you—the real you.

Never anticipate getting anything from someone. It will come back to you as a surprise since the Law of Cause and Effect does not occur in a split second. Anything we plant into the cosmos will come back to us. Be cheerful and continue to send forth great energy.

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received absolutely nothing? Become the first to donate. Sending flowers to the one you love is a good place to start.

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