The Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Relationship

If you want to insure that your relationship stays healthy, be aware of what you contribute to it and how you can keep bringing new experiences to exchange with your partner. Following are three concepts you can focus on. They are being strong, committed, and flexible. Let's examine how each of these concepts can help you create your own wonderful relationship. These can be viewed as secrets, but great relationships are really works of love.

The Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Having a happy relationship is totally worthwhile if you have strong convictions as to what you want your relationship to be. Being faithful to your mate and not letting anything come between you can be achieved with self-discipline and self-control. Without saying a word, by putting your partner's needs before your own makes a powerful statement.

Strengthening your commitment to each other through mutual responsibility for how your relationship functions is a by-product of not placing blame or finding fault with each other. The value of your relationship continues to increase with trust and appreciation. There are no rules about how that takes place - the main thing is to just tell your mate how much you appreciate what is done for you and is being brought to your union.

Understand the 80/20 rule, which states that a majority of your duties will come from one or the other of you - sometimes you will give 80% of your time to your relationship and your mate will only be able to give 20%. On the other hand, there are times when you will only be able to give the 20% and your partner will be picking up the other 80%. Compromise often, and focus on the critical priorities needed to strengthen your commitment to each other.

Whatever you do, don't forget that humor is a vital component in relationships. Life is a serious set of circumstances - live in the moment and look for the humor in as many life situations as you can. Don't allow your relationship to drown in the misery of dull and boring days without end. Laugh out loud! If you have trouble laughing at yourself, learn how important that one small thing is, and how it can lift a ton of stress from your shoulders.

Take time to recognize the unique characteristics you bring to your relationship and then look at and appreciate those that your partner brings - while they might be in direct line with yours, they may be polar opposites, but in either case, realize you are both contributing to the health and happiness of a relationship of value.

Confucius stated, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Look at each day and review what was accomplished, focus on how to make tomorrow even better than today. Remain flexible!Although your relationship goals are formed, the path you have to travel to accomplish them never is.

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