Is Getting Back With an Ex Ever a Good Idea?

One may feel relieved when a relationship ends, and as a result, they may not feel the urge to rekindle their relationship with their former partner. However, this does not necessarily imply that the other person is going through the same thing.

As a result, they may attempt to patch things up again, leading one to wonder when they will finally move on. There may be a sense that one has outgrown the other, in which case there would be no justification for them to reconcile.

Is getting back with an ex ever a good idea?


If this isn't the case, there's a probability that the relationship was abusive, in which case one would be acting morally. It will be in their best advantage to exclude the person they have left from their lives since they are not going to be healthy.

They will learn how damaging they are by spending time with them. This will demonstrate that one has changed and is no longer willing to put up with their bad behavior.

The Other Person

They could remind them of all the enjoyable moments they had together if the person they were with tries to repair their connection.
They might discuss how it would be a pity to toss away what they have produced during this period.

They may thus phone them, text them, and they might even show up at their residence.
Additionally, they might gift the recipient things like flowers or chocolates.

One Step Further

The decisions people make may be influenced by their financial status, although this may not be important. They may offer to take them on vacation if they were in a position where they had plenty of money.

Then, it could be feasible for someone to realize how their relationship is supposed to be. Or they may offer to take them to a favorite eatery, which would be perceived as a place that would help them get back on track.

Another Approach

If this strategy doesn't succeed, they could try to coerce one into reconciling with them. They could remark things like "they won't find somebody as good as them" or "they'll soon understand what they've lost" at this point.

If they were with an abusive person, there is a possibility that this will happen right soon. They could think that person is weak and that by treating them the same as previously, they might persuade them to change their mind.


Then, it will be crucial for them to maintain their position and concentrate on the reason they first left them. There won't be any reason for them to reconsider their decision if they left them because they had grown apart.

This will also be the situation if they were with an abusive person. However, it could be a good idea for them to seek out help if they do feel an urge to go back with them.

Emotional Regulation

Having said that, one could end a relationship that isn't contributing to their happiness and then quickly get back together with them. They could be apart for a few days, a few weeks, or even longer.

When this occurs, one can notice that their symptoms begin to improve, but as time goes on, they might quickly revert to how they felt when they were with them before. This will probably demonstrate that someone returned with them in order to alter their feelings.


One may discover that they were unable to handle life if they were to go back on how they felt when they ended the relationship. They could have felt abandoned at this point.

They wouldn't have been able to focus on their actual requirements given how they were feeling. It may be argued that they were experiencing a sense of impending doom at the moment, which prevented them from thinking rationally.


Whether they feel that they have no control over their lives, it won't matter if they desire to end the relationship. Either they stay with the person they don't want to be with, or they leave and become overburdened.

However, it may only be a matter of time before they return. This does not imply that one will never leave them again. When this occurs, it may be because someone's emotions have calmed down, and after they leave, they will soon remember how they felt the last time they were separated from them.

A New Experience

It will be required for one to alter their internal processes if they want to leave their relationship and keep doing so. They will carry on living their lives the same way if this doesn't happen.

When someone ends a relationship, they could feel abandoned because of what happened to them when they were younger (or what didn't happen). One may have been ignored throughout these years, and even though time has gone, their life is still shaped by what happened in the past.

In Control

One will naturally want to be with someone who is right for them, but at a deeper level, one will want to take every precaution to avoid being alone. Because it is the stronger component, what is occurring at a deeper level has power over how they live.


But no matter what someone has gone through up to this moment, they are still capable of changing their situation. In order for this to occur, the pain that is inside them must be processed, which may be accomplished with the aid of a therapist.
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