Macho Men, Feminism, Divorces, and Individual Goals

The major social innovations made by humans are marriage and family life, which have elevated humanity above other species. People in democracies tend to follow their rulers, who are frequently subservient to sensuous impulses. Tolerance of other people's viewpoints, feminist acceptance, and finding a balance between one's personal goals and family obligations are necessary for successful marriages.

Macho Males, Feminism, Divorces, And Personal Ambitions

I've never laughed at a joke.

1. When I was young, I read the following joke about Western culture:

* Her husband's better half calls; they had previously split "Come right now. Our kids are getting banged up by your kids and mine."

Oriental people are now equally prosperous and emulate these stories in their daily lives.

Godly relationships versus man-made relationships

2. The couple involved was famous. They both had to spend a lot of time apart since they were both career-conscious. The result -

divorce! Personal goals come before the partnership.

She was a woman of adventure who went on an excursion to the highest lake in the world. She unfortunately perished in a landslide brought on by intense rain.

* Her daughter was the only one that visited. Godly connections last forever. They can't and won't abandon one another.

divorces everywhere!

3. Another famous couple split up because of ego conflicts and the husband's binge drinking. Two daughters who were equally accomplished in the glamorous world were cared for by the wife. While the father is absent from the home, the mother and girls are close. Already divorced is one of the daughters. The second daughter got married to a divorcee.

* Divorced people used to make up a tiny minority in Oriental nations.

Macho men

4. Family planning in Oriental civilizations indicates that the wife's tubectomy is always performed during birth. Vasectomy will harm his masculinity, thus the spouses constantly try to prevent it.

* In a divorce, the mother is often given preference by the court for child custody. If a vasectomy is not performed, the spouse may become a parent again after a divorce.

* Assuming the spouse passes away, the husband, if he has not had a vasectomy, may become a father if he marries again. As a result, tubectomy is more common while vasectomy is less common among oriental nations.

in a relationship

Our dependables
An ex-Chief Minister and former governor of India who was 90 years old was forced to get a DNA test after a child claimed to be his son from an adulterous relationship and successfully proved it.

* There have been a few presidents, a candidate for president of a developed country, a prime minister, a governor, and a star athlete who were unable to control their sexual urges. Politically, some of them have endured. Perjury is illegal in their civilizations, but illicit relationships between consenting adults are not. However, they lost the balance in their life as well as, in most cases, their spouses.

We can learn from this

* If you want your family to remain harmonious, resist the urge to participate in adultery.

* Work on your "tolerance," and keep ego conflicts away from your spouse.

* Feminism will continue to exist. Please read the writing on the wall if you are a macho dude.

* Make the most of your connections and personal aspirations. In a house, we require both.

* Divorce seldom resolves a situation.
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