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3 Green Juices Recipes To Lose Weight
We give you the ingredients to prepare three green juices to lose weight, which will give you great results in the process of achieving the figure of your dreams.

Three green juices to lose weight: Green shakes or juices are excellent for purifying the body and helping to expel what you do not need, therefore, are also very useful to lose weight and reach your dream size for years or perhaps all your life.

This is your moment, don't let it pass and take advantage of these simple recipes of three green juices to lose weight that you can prepare only with your blender. Combine any of these preparations with the best exercise to lose extra pounds according to science and you'll see results soon.

The basis of a good green juice is that it is made mostly by vegetables, especially the green ones, which are the ones that give it its characteristic color. So, if vegetables are important for making the juice, why do we suggest adding fruits? Well, this is because fruits, being sweet, improve the taste of the juice and also contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Green Juices Recipes To Lose Weight

If you want to incorporate these drinks into your daily diet to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, we share three recipes to intersperse them all week. For each, just place each of the ingredients in the blender and beat or mix with a little purified water.

Also avoid peeling vegetables and fruits as it is in the peel where most of their antioxidants are found and, to benefit from its high fiber content, do not strain the mixture you get.

Three green juices to lose weight:

Juice 1

1 stick of celery

Half cucumber

2 green pears

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Juice 2

1 bunch coriander, washed and disinfected

2 cucumbers

1 kiwi

2 green apples

¼ cup fresh orange juice

Juice 3

1 cucumber

2 kiwis

½ tbsp peeled ginger

2 green apples

½ cup spinach

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

1200 Calorie Diet: 7-Day Meal Plans for Weight Loss
The 1200 calorie diet is a hypocaloric diet based on the consumption of few calories in order to lose weight. The opinion of those who have tried it is very different from one person to another, assuring some that they remain hungry, that they do not lose weight or that it is very effective. We tell you about its characteristics, controversy and we also offer you a menu.

A diet based on the consumption of 1200 calories per day can be classified into so-called hypocaloric diets. These are based on the restriction of a number of calories per day with the intake being lower than those burned.

1200 Calories Diet for Weight Loss: Weekly Menu

Depending on a person's basal metabolism and physical activity may vary the number of calories in the diet. By ingesting fewer calories than adequate, the body consumes calories from adipose tissue, losing weight and lowering body volume. They assume the most common type of diet and is used especially in people with overweight and obesity.

7 Day, 1200 calorie diet meal plan

We have taken as a reference a weekly menu published in 'Good House Keeping', a renowned American women's magazine that deals with topics such as beauty, health and nutrition.

In their publication, they say that if you follow this diet for 90 days you can lose about 20 pounds.

Day 1


- ¾ of a cup of fiber cereal with skim milk and a banana


- Whole plan sandwich with turkey breast, half roasted pepper dressed with low-fat mayonnaise, mustard and lettuce.

- Skim mozzarella cheese bar.

- 2 kiwis.


- 120 grams of grilled sole.

- 2 sliced tomatoes with grated parmesan cheese.

- 1 cup of couscous.

- 1 cup steamed broccoli

- 1 cup fat-free pudding

Day 2


- Smoothie (or fruit milkshake) made with a cup of frozen berries, half a banana and 200 ml of fat-free milk.

- Half a muffin smeared with light margarine


- A plate of soup with vegetables

- 1 veggie burger with lettuce and sauce on a whole wheat bread

- 1 natural yogurt

- Between 75 and 100 grams of grapes (approximately 15)


- 200 grams of chicken breast with grilled barbecue sauce

- Half a bowl of baked beans

- 3 boiled red potatoes topped with light margarine and a little dill

Day 3


- Half a cup of quick-cooking oats and skim milk, half an apple, a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.


- Salad consisting of 120 grams of roasted chicken breast, red grapes, a tablespoon of almonds, low-fat mayonnaise and lettuce.

- 1 banana


- 120 grams of steamed shrimp

- 1 baked potato covered with three tablespoons of some sauce and one tablespoon sour cream

- 500 grams of steamed spinach

- 1 low-fat ice cream

Day 4


- Half toast margarine combined with a low-fat apple and grated cheese.

- 1 light yogurt with 80 grams of almonds


- Soup with tomato

- Wholemeal sandwich with thin slices of roast beef, horseradish, mustard, lettuce and a couple of tomato slices

- 200 grams of raw vegetables

- 1 pear


- 100 grams of poached salmon

- Salad with 50 grams of cabbage, 2 sliced onions and a little fat-free mayonnaise

- 150 grams of cooked brown rice

- 1 tin of pineapple in its juice

Day 5


- 200 grams of fiber cereals and 250 ml of fat-free milk combined with 95 grams of berries, 80 grams of filleted almonds.


- 1 whole-wheat pancake with 200 grams of low-fat grated cheese and 50 grams of beans

- 100 grams of cottage cheese combined with mandarin segments

- 1 cucumber


- 100 grams of roast pork

- 200 grams of baked pumpkin with purée and cinnamon

- Salad with lettuce, broccoli, bell pepper and onion with two tablespoons mayonnaise or other fat-free sauce

- 1 light yogurt with 200 grams of berries

Day 6


- A waffle or toast with butter and a sliced banana

- 250 ml fat-free milk


- A tuna pita/kebab with light mayonnaise, mustard, cucumber and sliced onion

- 10 small carrots

- 1 light yogurt combined with half banana


- 150 grams of rice combined with chicken, raw ham or prawns.

- 300 grams of steamed spinach

- 1 apple

Day 7


- Half a roll accompanied by low-fat cheese, spinach, a slice of tomato and poached egg.

- 1 grapefruit


- Bean salad (100 grams) combined with mandarin segments, red pepper, onion and a teaspoon of fat-free mayonnaise sauce.

- 1 mini pita/kebab of whole wheat tuna or chicken bread

- 1 pear


- 100 grams of grilled veal

- 1 baked sweet potato spread with light margarine

- 200 grams of steamed zucchini

- 1 tin of pineapple in its juice.

For the diet to work, avoid alcoholic or sugar-rich beverages, as well as taking a multivitamin and a calcium supplement (400 milligrams a day).


Starting a diet is always dangerous if it is not properly controlled. Weight loss sometimes brings dangers to the body such as malnutrition. Some nutritionists say that eating a diet that requires you to consume less than 1200 calories is a health hazard.

Intake of fewer calories than necessary will result in a decrease in the individual's metabolism, retaining fat from protein intake and muscle tissue in order to get energy.

A low-calorie diet leads to an increase in metabolism, which in turn means encouraging the consumption of synthetic supplements that are not always effective. This lack of control would lead to problems with heart rate and blood pressure.

On the other hand, diets that ensure weekly weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds, usually have a rebound effect that causes that once you stop following, causes a rapid weight gain in the individual.

Finally, diets of less than 1200 calories try to suppress as much as possible the fats, proteins and carbohydrates, three macronutrients that play very important roles in the body.

Specialists do agree that this type of diet is not recommended for individuals who meet any of the requirements:

- People who have suffered heart disease (arrhythmias, heart attacks, angina...)

- People with cerebrovascular problems

- People with a history of anorexia or bulimia

- People who suffer from alcohol dependence

- People with diseases who take drugs that reduce the number of proteins in the body

- Pregnant and lactating

- Certain children and adolescents

- Certain people 65 years of age or older

- People with certain diseases (gout, diabetes, emotional disorders, cholelithiasis, etc.)

And what results did you get from the 1200 calorie diet?

Monday, July 29, 2019

What is Keeping You Away From People According to Your Zodiac Sign
There are some characteristics of our personality that tend to be unpleasant for those around us, which causes them to move away from our side. That's why astrologers have already listed the things that keep people away from our side according to our zodiac sign.

These could be considered as defects by others, it's simply not something they can bear. So the best thing for them is to run away. Therefore you must know that which takes everyone away from you.

Why You Keep Pushing The People You Love Away Based On Your Zodiac Sign


People walk away from an Aries when it acts impulsive and doesn't think well of what it says. Even when you intend to be honest, you don't always do well when you need to express your opinion.


People move away from the most jealous of the zodiac because of their high expectations. Some people are very frightened and think they are insufficient for the zodiac.


Not all people understand and tolerate the internal duality that exists in people born under this sign and it is this same inconstancy that makes everyone run away.


The people born under this sign are too dramatic, so those around him end up confused and consider him obsessive, hasty and with the role of victim.


They tend to have too much self-esteem, and in some cases exaggerate with their egocentrism. Sometimes they give the impression of being arrogant, which tends to frighten others.


People born under this sign have the bad habit of expelling people from their lives for something very complicated: no one is good enough for them.


Libras are highly indecisive, which is why they often drive away the most intense people who want to connect with them. Doubting all the time despairs everyone around you.

What drives people away from your side according to your zodiac sign


People born under this sign are quite intense and is this same extremist position. The one who loves or hates and does not know average terms takes him away from the others.


Sagittarius tend to be quite changeable in their decisions and desires. This madness of wanting something different at a given moment and changing to the second separates him from others.


People born under this sign think they are always right or that things should be done their way.


The most creative of the zodiacs are intransigent and don't usually look much for people. This doesn't help much, especially when it comes to relationships.


The most fantastic of the zodiac live in the past, they have a hard time forgetting, which makes them very nostalgic and often remember many bad things.

Monday, June 3, 2019

The Importance of Teaching Your Children to Show Love
It is very important not to force children to show something they don't feel, but it is also important for them to show the affection they have for someone.

The importance of teaching your children to show love

As a great sage said, it is better to be loved and unrequited than not to know how to love. And it is that to love is not only a feeling, but acts and words that manifest it, because a love that is not demonstrated and not said is of no use.

Achieving this is learned in the family from childhood, hence the importance of teaching your children to demonstrate love.

Babies are usually shown unreserved affection, but as boys and girls grow older, the most basic tokens of love are removed, such as kisses, hugs and caresses from mom and dad, as well as diminishing the "I love you".

If a child does not receive signs of affection, he or she will never be able to give them. We suggest that you resort to these games to educate your children and help them in their upbringing process.

It is very important not to force children to show something they don't feel, but it is also important for them to show their affection for someone.

If this is not practiced since childhood, we run the risk of our children becoming cold teenagers or adults who don't know how to give a hug or say "I love you, you're important to me.

Conditions that will limit their fullness in trying to connect and relate to other human beings.

In addition, high suicide rates are related to feelings of loneliness and isolation that may be alleviated by the family's simple, everyday demonstration of love.

To teach your sons and daughters to show love to others, you have to show it to them first, either with words of affection, caresses, and hugs, even though their early childhood has passed.

With these demonstrations you will vaccinate your family against addictions, emotional dependence and depression, because they will feel like people with courage and therefore they will act at the height of what they were given at home.

We also take this opportunity to give you some tips to change the behavior of your disobedient child.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Children Need Their Grandmothers To Grow up Happy
If your grandmother raised you you will surely agree with this study that states that their role in our lives is fundamental, in addition, they love you like no one else in the world.

Children Need Their Grandmothers To Grow up Happy

The children need their grandmothers to grow up happy: it is a fact that does not surprise us at all considering that they are magical beings whose love to give is incomparable.

Science proves this, because according to a study published by the London School of Economics and Political Science, although the presence of fathers in parenting is indispensable, the relationship they maintain with their maternal grandmother has a much greater impact on their well-being.

In order to reach this conclusion, the study reviewed 45 researches on families all over the world and with it determined that a child has greater possibilities of growing up happy if he receives help from a close relative to take care of him, particularly if it is the maternal grandmothers.

Children are dependent on their parents for a long period of time and the care of several at the same time, makes mothers have a great burden, not for nothing many suffer from the so-called burnout syndrome.

In analysis of the available data he realized that the presence of a relative improves the chances of survival of the children in case the mother will die and undeniably the maternal grandmothers are the fundamental piece in that process, ie the key to success.

The study refers that paternal grandmothers are still beneficial, but has more variations in what corresponds to survival effects.

Grandmothers are pure love and their existence will mark our lives forever.

As if all this were not enough, there is a study that states that more than you or your partner, your children resemble their maternal grandmother, who is a key figure in the life of any person as a baby, even as an adult, because in addition to the relationship with her, we inherit a significant genetic burden.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

5 Clear Reasons Why Man Leave The Woman He loves
Men feel overwhelmed and leave the woman they love when she succeeds, when they are compared to other men, or when they get bored.

Reasons Why Man Leave Good Woman He loves

Some women have asked LOVE TIMES why a man leaves a woman he loves? So we will give you five reasons why a man leaves a woman even though he feels love for her, are typical causes that everyone should know.

A man decides to leave and leave the woman he loves when they do not respect him, they care about knowing that they are the only ones at that moment because when a man falls in love he walks little by little and if his wife makes him feel that he is not the ideal man for her they prefer to leave.

Reasons Why Man Leave The Woman He loves:


A relationship is two and boredom in the couple can be one of the reasons why a man in love decides to leave his partner. For that reason the two must do their part to be happy at the time d return home.

When you are bored even though you love your wife, you will soon get tired and end up not seeing the future of the relationship.

Lack of self-care

When a woman doesn't take care of her appearance and when he comes home from work and looks at his wife all untidy, you can be sure that he will begin to see other women, perhaps a co-worker, his neighbor or a friend who loves to always look neat and tidy from her feet to her hair.

Different interests

If after a while they realize that their paths are totally different, the man realizes it and even if he loves that woman he will prefer to let her go to continue his projects, while he works to achieve his own.

Little satisfaction in intimacy

If a man has to ask always and the woman denies him the intimate relationship surely will go out to look for him elsewhere, men like to feel wanted and that he is the most attractive man in his life.

If there are many headaches, feel tired and deny intimacy to a man this could cause serious problems and love will not care if he is not happy in bed.

A lot of responsibility

Men love their freedom and love women but when he feels very burdened begins to feel like a prison and therefore decides to end up and walk alone. For a man, a woman who scolds is the least attractive.

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The lack of respect and comparing it to an ex

Men don't want to analyze the past of their partners, the only thing they want to know is that what they are doing at the moment is enough for their wife. Any man who loves himself does not tolerate a woman yelling at him, ignoring him or comparing him to an ex, this behavior is not acceptable for either woman or man.

These are five reasons why a man in love and who loves can go his way without that woman he once thought was ideal and will abandon her.

5 Clear Reasons Why Man Leave Good Woman

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Zodiac Signs That Seek Witchcraft to Attract Love
Zodiac signs that seek witchcraft to attract love, are not limited and always seek new alternatives to dominate the couple.

Zodiac Signs That Seek Witchcraft to Attract Love

These zodiacal signs look for new alternatives to have the love of his life by his side, they try too hard and if they do not see results, they consider the idea of using specialists in white or black magic to help them dominate the loved one.

Human beings have always been characterized by wanting to dominate everything, not in vain have there been wars in the world, precisely because of the idea of wanting to dominate everything and feel ownership of it. And to dominate the loved one is not exempt.

These are the signs of the zodiac that resort to do or do witchcraft work for the loved one to pay attention. Some only do it out of curiosity to "Let's see if it works". Others are convinced by friends to solve their love problem.

Here are the zodiac signs that seek witchcraft to attract love.


The beautiful ladies of Gemini, never leave home without their amulets, are quite discreet, as they can be a flower, a ring, earrings or badges attached to intimate clothing. They can't stand the idea of someone else stealing from the love of their life. Some more daring Gemini light candles at dawn to make their love rituals. They are cautious about everything.


Those born under this sign are surrendered but become too attached to the couples, so that when the relationship ends, they become a little obsessed with wanting to convince the ex-partner to return to them. When he puts into practice all his plans but these fail, he resorts to practices of white magic, they are even able to travel far to help him do hard work, ties of love.


The virgos is not that they visit a sorcerer every day, but it always gives you for thinking that they are doing sorcery for the things that happen to you, so once you are already with the witch or sorcerer, you ask so that your relationship is never broken. Virgos believe in energies and stick to them to recover loves, making strange rituals in their homes. Some fear the unknown and pay for someone else to do it.


The most recurrent to the unknown energies are the women who are born under this sign, when the loved one begins to act badly, they are the ones who visit the lady who throws the cards, to tell her if she is unfaithful or not. The Scorpio often visit esoteric shops, are always with potions for this and for the other, and never miss one to get love.


They are very believers in prayers, they always bring some to pray for the loved one and that he will never leave them. They light candles continuously in their home in order to clean bad vibes and return those who want to get into their marriage. When he observes strange things happening, they seek help from the specialists of black and white magic.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

At What Age Will You Find The Love of Your Life According to Science
Usually the love of your life will find after one or some experiences of love, the age according to science varies a little between men and women

At What Age Will You Meet your Soulmate According to Science

It is impossible not to feel attracted to someone, most people day by day expect to find the love of their life, that person who complements them, but according to the science at what age you will find it.

Perhaps some point out that they already found that person, the love of your life is often not the same as the first love, although the two almost never forget, science says that despite having different tastes the majority finds the love of his life at the same age.

Perhaps vary a little between if they are women and men, the way they seek the love of their lives is usually somewhat different, and experiences are changed over time.

One study indicates that you will usually find the love of your life after at least one love experience, good or bad as you had it will be a key point to know who that special person is. is a site of singles looking to find a partner, they were charged through a survey know about the love life of more than 2 thousand of both sexes, determine that:

The ideal age at which you will find the love of your life is around 27 years in general, although women find it more at 25 years and men between 28 years, study highlights.

Now, the love of your life is the person with whom of course you do not think about your ex, who lets you be and you feel that you are yourself, is there when you need it, supports you and you are his priority.

Believe it or not, sometimes it will be very different from what you imagined, these usually come unexpectedly, know that the family plays an important role and do not limit you.

You feel absolute confidence and your relationship with that person is not based on ghosts or the need to investigate, make assumptions or have doubts, with the love of your life simply live and moment, but yes the truth is that there are many reasons why he or she does not stay by your side but still remain important.

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At What Age Will You Find The Love of Your Life According to Science