How Can I Make My Relationship More Intimate

October 27, 2022

It is often said that communication is key in any relationship, and this is especially true when it comes to intimacy. If you and your partner are looking to take your relationship to a more intimate level, here are a few tips to help get the communication flowing.

10 Tips To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship

1. Ditch the phone

In today's world, it's all too easy to get caught up in our phones and devices. We can text, email, and message our loved ones without ever having to actually talk to them. While this can be convenient, it can also make our relationships more distant.

If you want to make your relationship more intimate, put away your phone and focus on your partner. Make eye contact, listen to what they're saying, and really connect with them. You may be surprised how much more intimate your relationship feels when you're not distracted by technology.

2. Talk about things that matter

When you're trying to make your relationship more intimate, it's important to talk about things that matter to you both. This doesn't mean you need to share your deepest, darkest secrets, but you should share your thoughts and feelings on things that are important to you.

This could be anything from your hopes and dreams to your fears and worries. By talking about the things that matter to you, you're opening up and allowing your partner to really get to know you. This can help create a more intimate bond between you both.

3. Be present

In order to make your relationship more intimate, you need to be present. This means being in the moment with your partner and giving them your full attention. This can be difficult in today's world where we're constantly bombarded with distractions.

If you want to be more present in your relationship, put away your phone, turn off the TV, and really focus on your partner. Listen to what they're saying, look into their eyes, and connect with them. This will help you feel more close and intimate with them.

4. Show affection

Physical affection is a great way to make your relationship more intimate. This could be anything from holding hands and cuddling to kissing and sex. Whatever you're comfortable with, showing physical affection can help make your relationship feel more close and intimate.

5. Spend time together

One of the best ways to make your relationship more intimate is to spend time together. This could be anything from going on dates and vacations to simply spending time at home together. Whatever you do, make sure you're really focusing on each other and enjoying each other's company.

By spending time together, you're creating shared experiences and memories that will help you feel more close and intimate with each other.

6. Be honest

Honesty is crucial in any relationship, but it's especially important if you want to make your relationship more intimate. This means being honest about your thoughts, feelings, and desires. It can be difficult to be completely honest with someone, but it's necessary if you want to create a deep, intimate connection.

7. Communicate

Communication is key in any relationship, but it's especially important if you want to make your relationship more intimate. This means sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other and really listening to what the other person has to say.

Effective communication can help you understand each other better and can make it easier to resolve any problems that come up.

8. Be yourself

If you want to make your relationship more intimate, you need to be yourself. This means being authentic and honest with your partner. It can be tempting to try to be someone you're not, but it's important to be your true self if you want to create a deep, intimate connection.

9. Do things together

One of the best ways to make your relationship more intimate is to do things together. This could be anything from going on adventures and exploring new places to simply doing everyday tasks together. Whatever you do, make sure you're really focusing on each other and enjoying each other's company.

Doing things together can help you create shared experiences and memories that will help you feel more close and intimate with each other.

10. Be patient

Making your relationship more intimate takes time and effort. It's important to be patient and to take things slow. Rushing things can make you both feel uncomfortable and can actually make your relationship less intimate.

Take your time getting to know each other and exploring your relationship. The more time you spend together, the more intimate your relationship will become.

By following these tips, you and your partner can start to create a more intimate bond. Remember, communication is key, so don’t be afraid to talk about what you want. intimacy to look like.

13 Benefits of Having a Pet for a Child

August 04, 2022

They say that a part of the soul remains dormant until we experience the love of having a pet at home. And perhaps it is true. Science has proven the many benefits for children of having a pet at home, psychologically, physically, and physiologically.

Health benefits of having a pet

Animals help children socialize, improve their self-esteem, and give them a sense of security. They also allow them to develop a sense of coexistence, foster empathy and improve their physical condition, among other advantages.

Psychological benefits

Having a pet in the home produces several psychological and emotional benefits for children:

1. Reduces stress

Among the benefits for children of having a pet at home, it has been proven that children who play daily with an animal are less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Enjoying time with a puppy or kitten is a recreational activity that keeps your children busy, focused, and happy.

When we spend a lot of time cooped up due to a pandemic and our stress levels rise, a furry companion is the best ally to help us relax.

A study published in the journal Social Development evaluated the influence of companion dogs in reducing stress in children in situations of social tension, with satisfactory results.

A total of 101 children aged 7 to 12 years were subjected to various social stress tests, some with their pet and other times alone.

The results indicated that when alone, pressure levels increased as expected. whereas, with the presence of their pet, stress levels were significantly reduced. The children said that with their furry friend they felt safe and confident.

2. They feel accompanied

Animals will make them feel accompanied and comfortable at all times, especially when their parents are not at home. Pets help young people calm down, deal with their emotions in a positive way and face loneliness with optimism.

3. Improves self-esteem

Pets help people improve their self-esteem and reduce the sadness caused by loneliness. If you are worried about your child replacing his or her human friends with a four-legged companion, remember that pets will always be a complement, but will never replace interpersonal relationships.

However, the emotional benefits of having a pet can be equal to those of human friendship, according to psychologists at Miami University and St. Louis University.

The findings, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and reproduced by the Huffington Post, are based on two experiments.

In the first test, variables such as self-esteem, loneliness, illness, and depression were studied. It was found that pet owners scored much better overall, demonstrating less lonely tendencies and higher self-esteem.

In the second experiment, 56 dog owners answered different questions related to their pets. From the answers obtained, it was concluded that people with pets had a more active social life and felt more emotionally complete.

4. They bring happiness

Owning a dog, cat, or hamster makes people happier and helps them overcome depression. If you've seen your child soothe himself by cuddling his favorite blanket or stuffed animal, imagine what would happen if he bonded with another living creature.

The cuddly animal will also help lift his spirits after a rough day at school or an argument with his best friend. The joy boost they produce is one of the benefits for children of having a pet at home.

5. They acquire responsibility

Children with an animal at home learn the virtue of responsibility by having to take care of them, feed them, groom them, and pick up their poop. This will help them to mature and will also boost their confidence.

It will also allow them to witness the different stages of life, from birth to death. The passing of a furry companion always represents a hard blow, but they will get over it with time.

6. They learn values

There are many benefits for children of having a pet at home. Children learn several values from animals, such as loyalty, compassion, unconditional love, respect, empathy, etc. In a way, pets will help them become better people and be better able to live in society.

7. They provide security

Pets do not get angry or issue malicious criticisms. Nor do they harbor resentment or stop loving us. Instead, they offer a stable love that makes children feel secure, confident, and at peace.

"Developing positive feelings toward pets can contribute to a child's self-esteem. Positive relationships with companion animals can help build bonds of trust with others, as well as improve nonverbal communication, compassion, and empathy," contributes an article from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

8. They favor socialization

Socialization is one of the benefits for children of having a pet at home. Those youngsters who have bonded with their pets are better able to develop social skills such as empathy, conversation, and the ability to cultivate friendships.

9. Mitigate aggression

Children who have aggression issues are forced to improve their behavior in order to teach their pets proper behavior. In addition, anxiety and stress levels decrease when they play with their puppy, assuming a happier and more enthusiastic attitude.

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Physical and physiological benefits

These are the physical and physiological benefits of having a pet:

10. Fewer illnesses and allergies

Babies exposed to dogs and cats are less likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses than those without pets.

Scientists claim that early exposure to animals strengthens their immune system, which helps them prevent infections and reduces cases of allergic reactions.

11. Helps with weight loss

It has been proven that people with animals at home exercise more. This is due to the time they spend with their pet playing in the yard or running in the park.

By being forced to be more active, they are less likely to be overweight and generally enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

12. They prevent heart disease

According to the British organization Pet Health Council, pets improve the health of their owners by contributing to the reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, two risk factors for heart disease.

This is because, in general terms, people with pets are more physically active, eat better and are less prone to smoking.

13. Control of blood sugar levels

This is another of the benefits for children of having a pet at home, thanks to the sport that children do with an animal in the home. By controlling blood sugar levels, kidney disease, eye disease and diabetes are avoided.

Difference Between Physical Attraction and Emotional Attraction

June 11, 2022
It is not the same to feel physically attracted to that person as to feel an emotional attraction. What do you feel for him? discover the differences that exist.

Physical Attraction vs Emotional Attraction

When you meet someone and he catches your attention, there has to be something that made you contemplate him, that made you want to approach him, to know his name. Then you have to define what you feel for him, what is it that provokes you, if it is a simple physical attraction or an emotional attraction, because they are not the same and there is a huge difference between these two concepts.

There are relationships that do not work because there is only a physical attraction. Everything else is hollow, or only gives way to an affair because they just liked each other and that's it. But having an emotional attraction is very different. It goes beyond a pretty face or a figure that stands out. What do you feel for him? You can find out by knowing what each one encompasses.

There are different types of attraction, ranging from the exterior, the superficial, the banal, to what involves feelings, emotions, and interest, so pay attention to what each one refers to so you know what has generated you that person who stole your attention from the moment you saw her for the first time. You will be clearer about what you are looking for.

Let's start by talking about physical attraction. This happens immediately, when you see someone who stands out for you in the middle of everyone, and meets those aspects that you like so much in a person. It goes from height, skin color, whether or not he has tattoos, the way he walks, the color of his eyes, his smile, his eyes, if he is thin or not, it relates to everything outside.

Physical attraction happens even without cross-talk. You feel attracted to a certain person you saw at the party or at school who meets those superficial expectations that you had contemplated in your list of "perfect partner". Even if you do not know his name or marital status, it is like in adolescence when many were only looking to date the most popular guy.

This type of attraction is not only considered the aesthetic issue or the movements of a person, but also his voice, his smell, but until there is something more, and when some people start a relationship based only on this type of attraction, they usually fail, because they did not contemplate his character, nor his goals, nor his way of facing certain situations.

Now we have the emotional attraction. For this to happen, it takes time. Unlike the physical attraction that can be given at first sight, in the emotional attraction, you have to get to know the person, share time with them, listen to their stories, know how they behave, how they think, and how they act. That's how this attraction develops.

In the emotional attraction, you feel like being with that person. If you are far away, you just think about them. You like their values, their way of being, of thinking. You even have things or tastes in common. You think about how nice it would be to be by their side. That they would give you a chance. You want to see them, to be close, because they even start to give you security, calm and you have a great time there.

When you get an emotional attraction, there is already a stronger bond; you are not just two strangers who play flirting and that's it; here you both know a little more about each other; you begin to discover what makes you funny; what makes you angry; and you become closer; and maybe, if you both feel the same attraction, there is an opportunity for a couple relationship.

5 Signs You are Begging for Love

June 11, 2022
If you try too hard to gain a little affection, you're likely to be hurt. Recognize that this isn't where it's at!

Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

You liked him, you fell in love, but he is not that loving and caring man you expected. It seems that he is doing you the favor of putting up with you and dating you. Recognize the 5 very clear signs that you are begging love from someone who does not see you the same way you do, who does not love you with that same intensity, and who also sooner or later is going to go away, leaving you with a broken heart.

Stop waiting for a man to reciprocate, don't wait for people who show that they don't love you enough to fight with you to be together, don't wait for someone who has no interest in you. These are the 5 signs that you are begging for love from someone who has already taught you in one way or another that he doesn't care about you, that you are something fleeting and that won't make you happy.

Begging for a little love and attention is not what you deserve, stop doing everything to get a little affection from that man. Remember that the one who really loves you will give you everything without you asking for it, without you having to beg him, to whom you have to insist so that he remembers that you exist, is not worth it and much less worth your tears.

1. You are always the one to take the initiative.

You are the one who makes the plans, makes the appointments, and initiates the conversations. From you are born those desires to share moments by his side, to spend time with him. You are the one who proposes. From him is not born that interest in doing things with you, going for a walk, having a conversation. His lack of interest is more than obvious, but you do not want to recognize it.

2. You give everything and get nothing in return.

When you're in love, you give everything you have; you become more affectionate and detailed; you want to fill it with good times and gestures that deep down you hope he also did with you; to give you a gift; to surprise you with an unexpected kiss; to remember the important dates or, at the very least, to give you a sign that he also loves you.

3. There are no signs of affection or interest on his part.

You want to be by his side, hug him, fill him with kisses, give him caresses, and tell him every moment that you like him, that you love him, and that he is someone important in your life, so that in this way he will never forget you. However, he behaves indifferently, he thinks you are very corny, or he tells you that he is not like that to show affection.

4. You feel lonely even when he is present.

When you are next to him, it seems that it doesn't matter if you are together or not, because instead of being a special moment where you talk about you and have fun together, there are awkward silences, he is busy with his business and ignores you, you feel completely alone, and you wish he was even a little more loving and tender.

5. You must do everything possible to get his attention.

If you upload a picture to social networks or a cute status, he doesn't see them. You have to ask him to do it so he notices them. When you do something to your hair or dress in a special way, he doesn't notice it either. You have to tell him what you did to yourself so he compliments you or at least finds out about your change. You try everything to keep his attention on you.

What To Do When Your Husband is Cheating and Denies it?

February 17, 2022
To face a cheating man with intelligence while still expressing your feelings and how you feel, even if he denies that he is cheating, you have alternatives to what to do in this situation.

My husband won't admit he cheated

Couples are uncertain. There is nothing written. You do not know what will happen the next day. Even if they say they love each other and have great nights of passion, they are not exempt from being unfaithful, as temptations are the order of the day. Experts agree that being unfaithful is a matter of a decision and that it does not happen overnight. It starts little by little and when you discover it, it comes to your mind, "What do I do now?"

How do I tell him that I know he is cheating on me? When you confront your husband and he denies it and tells you that you are crazy and that these are hallucinations of yours, then it is time to react differently. It is not about confronting him screaming, but with alternatives like leaving him forever or attending therapy to save the relationship.

When you confront your partner, be sure that if he was unfaithful, it was not because someone told you, you heard, or you sensed that he was unfaithful. You must have concrete evidence of the deception.

The first thing is that you must understand that the man will deny it because he feels cornered and it is like lowering him from his altar of pride. He thought you would never find out and now his reaction is to deny everything, even if you have proof.

People who have experienced infidelity are advised to seek therapy in order to heal their hearts.If you plan to make an effort to save your relationship, you can invite your partner to therapy, but remember that this does not guarantee that he will not cheat on you again.

Don't feel guilty about your husband's infidelity. You had nothing to do with his decision to have a clandestine affair, so it is NOT your fault.

Don't be silent, express your feelings, let him know how you feel about his infidelity, even if he denies it, you know it's true. Another piece of advice that experts give you is to never make a hasty decision, take your time, analyze the situation, and always seek dialogue.

The Power and Benefits of Rose Quartz Stone

September 08, 2021
Of the magical stones in this world, rose quartz is one of the most powerful, find out what it does for you and why you should have one.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Stone

There are many stones whose properties help us feel better, one of these stones is quartz, a mineral that can be found in different presentations such as smoky, crystal, blue, red or pink, we will talk about this stone also known as love stone.

Rose quartz is a beautiful stone, surely you have some accessory made with this mineral, its color is due to a substitution of phosphorus silica and as we mentioned, it is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, this quartz extracts the negative energies and replaces them with loving vibrations.

We present 5 properties of rose quartz and why you should have one, this stone will help you heal your love chakra, release sorrows and unexpressed emotions, as well as facilitate forgiveness and self-acceptance, as well as invoke self-esteem and comfort your heart when you have lost your love.

Attracts love

Being the universal stone of love, this quartz attracts love, so if you are looking for your soul mate, this is your stone. Use it in accessories, have in your house, in your room near your bed a rose quartz and you will see the results.

Heals ailments of the soul

Many spiritual traditions use stones to heal problems of the soul, as mentioned, rose quartz helps you to release the pain you bring inside and what you dare not say.

It is a powerful sedative

Being a receptive stone, it is ideal for relaxing and releasing worries from your body and mind. Wearing a rose quartz can calm your nerves and release any stress you may be carrying.

Strengthens the heart

In Hinduism, stones are also used to cure physical ailments, strengthen the heart not only spiritually, but also physically will be your ally to feel better in that aspect, it also helps the circulatory system.

It balances energies

Rose quartz helps to expel negative energies from your mind and body, when you are sad, worried or nervous, the power of rose quartz stone will convert these feelings into joy and relaxation, passing to positive energies.

When you buy a rose quartz, be sure to heal and consecrate it so that all its healing power is properly released to you and yours.
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