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Men Who Love to Get Women's Attention According To Their Zodiac Sign
That the look of the women is on these personalities is their objective, they make hundreds of maneuvers to be their center of attention.

To be in love and to call the attention of the women are things that the men under these zodiac signs are given to the perfection, they love to feel attracted by the opposite sex, reason why also they do until the impossible thing to catch their glance.

The need to get women's attention is so strong for these zodiac men who are looking for what to do to stay in the eye of the hurricane, they love to be a girl's points of interest.

Zodiac men who love to get women's attention

All zodiacal signs are governed by a different personality, so the men born under Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius, are zodiac men who love to attract the attention of women.


He enjoys being noticed by women, he feels important and better than anyone when he has the glances of the girls on him, he talks about their efforts, work and projects so that they are interested in their great qualities of which he is sure he possesses.


If it's a matter of generating noise to be seen again by women, Leo is an expert in these situations, he dramatizes and exaggerates things to keep the reflector on him, nobody beats him to invent fantastic stories in which of course he is the protagonist.


He even talks about his little stars acquired in preschool in order to have conversation themes and impress women, he loves to be the center of attention and that they love their crazy or fantasy stories, whatever it is to conquer a girl.


The adventures of this free spirit are already known to all his friends and flirting, but they work to be the center of attention and keep those around him entertained, to call the attention of the woman or women he likes will even juggle.

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For these signs of the zodiac that we have mentioned, it does not generate any conflict to them to be under the look of all, on the contrary, they feel great flattery the one that they manage to monopolize the looks, reason why surely you will never get bored with a man under the zodiacal signs of above, they will have thousand anecdotes to tell you.

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Do You Always Choose the Same Type of Partner?
A study by the University of Toronto confirms that we are looking for partners with the same personality type.

Sometimes it happens that in the face of a separation we swear not to repeat "the same mistake". Look for someone who is very different, perhaps the opposite of what bothered us: if stingy, someone more generous; if bad-tempered, someone happy. But do we succeed? Do opposites also have something in common?

Do You Choose the Same Type of Partner Again and Again

According to a study recently published in the scientific journal PNAS and carried out by researchers at the University of Toronto, we tend to look for couples with similar personalities.

Does that answer a strategic (unconscious) question? The report's lead author, Yoobin Park, makes the following hypothesis: "In every relationship, people learn strategies for working with their partner's personality. If your new partner's personality resembles that of your former partner, transferring the skills you learned could be an effective way to start a new relationship.

Always the same stone

We usually stumble upon the same stone in matters of love. If at first we get our hopes up thinking that "this time it's different", "we have transcended the hateful personality of an ex", and we see everything rosy... life is in charge of showing us a crude reality: there are fundamental affective choices that don't change.

There are types of bonds that are repeated, for example, the typical union between an obsessive (someone excessively formal, with closed thoughts and a schematic way of organizing life) and another that always yields. Or the union between an introverted person, who finds it difficult to go out into the world, with a hyper sociable, outgoing and friendly couple. Maybe the behaviors of the other (that work as a balance, "what I don't have"), what I love at first, ends up annoying me. And although I refuse to want what I did wrong, I fall into the same trap, because deep down "I always like extroverts".

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Conclusions of the study

For the study, scientists Park and MacDonald compared the personalities of current and former partners of 332 people using data collected by couples. Their main finding was the existence of significant consistency in the personalities of a person's romantic choices.

The data was collected in Germany for nine years and was based on statements such as: I am usually modest and reserved; I get excited easily and can motivate others easily; I tend to be the strong, silent type; I am extroverted; I am relaxed and don't worry about stress; I am intellectual and like to contemplate things; I appreciate artistic and aesthetic impressions.

Based on the findings, Park suggests that websites and dating applications might do a better job of finding potential partners. These services usually combine individuals using criteria such as education, alcohol and tobacco use habits, income, hobbies, and activities.

"These websites and applications may want to incorporate information about former partners into their algorithms in the same way that music applications use previous listening preferences to predict what else a listener might enjoy," he says.

Do You Always Choose the Same Type of Partner?

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What to Do on the First Date? 9 Tips to Make your Date Great
In order not to miss this key moment of the conquest, know what women expect from you in the first meeting.

You asked that cat out and, to your joy, she said yes. Very well. But don't think that the worst is over: you have to prepare yourself for the first date. And then, my friend, the real challenge begins.

Not by chance, the first meeting is a unique moment, which will define the next steps from then on. It can end with the promise of seeing each other again, not seeing each other again or, hopefully, on a night of casual sex. It all depends on playing the right cards.

What to Do on a First Date

But we know that preparing for a first meeting, no matter how many you have had, is not the simplest of tasks. After all, every girl is different, and you have to take that into account.

Luckily, some of the "rules" of the first meeting are universal. And, if they are followed, they can help you gain several positive points with the cat.

Do you want to know what they are? We've separated 9 tips on what to do in the first date so you don't miss.


Getting dressed up for a date is half the battle. Before leaving the house to find the cat, take a good bath and don't forget to pass the deodorant. You can even consider using a perfume if the occasion permits, but be careful not to exaggerate the dose. When choosing your clothes, give preference to simplicity and practicality. But don't even think about flip-flops, showing up in shorts or showing off that flowery printed shirt you bought on your last vacation.


For practicality and even security, it is very common for women to prefer to go out on their own - after all, if she finds you a suitcase, she can leave alone. But it doesn't cost you anything to offer to pick her up. At the end of the meeting, offering to take her home is also a good idea, especially if you've done well and still don't want to say goodbye. But if you still don't have a car to call your own, that's okay: there's nothing rude about taking a taxi together or suggesting walking if the place is nearby.


It may not look like it, but choosing the ideal place for the first date is more difficult than it looks. This is because it is necessary to take into account your personal tastes and those of the person who will meet you. At this time, the tip not to make a mistake is to keep in mind somewhere where the two of you can talk quietly. Cinema or bar with live music? Cross off the list. Ideally, the first meeting should take place in a cafeteria, a park or a restaurant. These places, besides being more reserved and ideal for a good chat, have a pleasant climate for flirting.


Couple Drink Coffee

Don't worry about thinking it's your job to pay the bill every time. In these new times, many women prefer to split their dinner or bar bills without any problems. However, it is still recommended that you at least offer to pay the bill, especially if the invitation to the meeting came from you. After all, it is not at all pleasant to receive an invitation to a not at all humble dinner in the most popular restaurant in town and have to split the bill, right? But if even after you offer to pay, she still insists on contributing, respect her wishes.


You can bet nothing takes away a girl's animation for a first date more than a man who doesn't know how to talk properly. Or worse, he's rude and has a vocabulary limited to swearing and slang. So when you sit down to talk, show respect and good manners. Know the right time to speak and when to listen. And, most importantly, don't interrupt what you're saying to her because you remembered something similar that happened to you in third grade, okay?

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It is also of no use to have all the vocabulary in the world at your disposal if your subject is uninteresting and makes you sleepy. Here, the advice is almost a trick: before the meeting, try to get to know her personal tastes and put together a list of possible subjects to be discussed. If your tastes are similar, everything will go quite naturally. Otherwise, it may be worth "studying" first to know what to say on the spot. The important thing is not to leave uncomfortable moments of silence on the table.


Women simply HOLD when you talk about any of your exes, especially during your first meeting, obviously. The simple tip is: don't even think about your ex when you're with another girl right in front of you, interested in you. Any comparison, comment, insinuation whatsoever, even if it is to speak ill of your ex or how "crazy" she was, doesn't do well at all and leaves an unpleasant atmosphere in the conversation.


Talk go, talk come... you are more intimate now and ready for a more physical approach. But with limits. Don't be so inconvenient as to try to kiss her, run your hand over her body or make disrespectful comments. You may even be totally open to sex, but she may not be on the same vibe as you. Respect her time, treat her lovingly, hold her hand, and if she is comfortable with your gestures, a kiss goodbye is almost certain.



Everything went well and you want to talk about how much you enjoyed her company and ask when you will see each other again? Sending a sincere message thanking her for the evening when you get home or, without fail, the next day is the best way to demonstrate this. On the other hand, if the night didn't go the way you expected it to and you think it's best if they don't meet again, just suddenly disappearing and leaving you waiting for some feedback is not at all gentle. Be honest. Send a message explaining the decision and make it clear that it is not your intention to hurt her. She'll understand.

What to Do on the First Date? 9 Tips to Make your Date Great

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15 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married
Finding the 'love of your life' does not mean that you are completely ready to get married.

Finding the right person among so many others is undoubtedly a gift. Therefore, when two people decide to get together to spend the rest of their lives together and share the good (and bad) experiences, the celebration is usually giant.

But although marriage is an important step in the lives of many grown men, we must consider some obstacles along the way before "will you marry me?". First of all, you have to keep in mind that not everything will be a dream. In fact, this is the perfect time for you to have your feet firmly on the ground and see things as they truly are. After all, when it comes to marriage, what you don't know can turn into a disaster.

Questions to ask before marriage

"If a person does not deal with an issue before marriage, they will have to deal with it when they are married," says Robert Scuka, chief executive officer of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, a spousal counseling organization.

To prevent possible problems from massacring the relationship, check out some questions below that can help you reflect on the marriage and save you from future friction and embarrassment with your partner.


This is undoubtedly the most important question you should ask yourself. What is the real reason that led you to make this decision? If you cannot find a good answer to this question, it is best to rethink your attitude.


Have you just come out of a crisis and decided to get married? Be careful, because if the relationship is not good, it will not be a marriage that will save the relationship.


If you have a habit of talking about the problems that arise in life as a couple, this may be a good sign that you are both mature enough to withstand the responsibilities that only a marriage requires. Now, if you're one of those couples who solves problems by shouting or hanging up the phone in each other's face, friend, you'd better forget about getting married.


A healthy relationship is not going anywhere if you are not friends. If your partner isn't the first person you think about getting off your chest or telling when something legal happens in your life, try to work on your intimacy before anything else. Couples who are just "lovers," hardly have a life out of bed (did you?).


You definitely only know the person until you move in with them. Routine problems, such as disorganization and financial debts, can lead to a marriage going down the drain in no time. So, before you make the decision to get married, try to take a test and spend some time together.


Before marriage, it is important that the couple discuss openly and honestly whether they want to have children or not, and how they will deal with this decision. How many children do they want? What will be the role of each one? What space will the child occupy in the financial balance of the house? All these questions need to be discussed to keep the relationship (and the accounts) balanced from now on.



Fights are normal in any relationship, but if an argument happens at least twice a week, has it ever crossed your mind that this situation can get even worse when they get married?


Marriage is not an obstacle to anything, but have you ever stopped to think that you might have to give up some particular desires to satisfy your partner? If you feel you need to do some (or many) things before you get married, this may not yet be the perfect time to apply.

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The truth hurts, but one thing is fact: when things are good, the tendency is to improve - and the same goes for the bad. If you've already broken up several times, and the relationship has already turned into a joke, don't marry, seriously. It will only bring more problems to your life.


Before you marry, it is important to open your financial life to the other, counting mainly the debts. If there is a big difference between the monthly income of each one, this also needs to be put on the agenda. Making a financial plan is the best way to keep the accounts in days, make a reserve of money and, of course, avoid future discussions and unfair collections.


It is important that couples are on the same wavelength when it comes to financial expenses and investments. You need to share goals and objectives, such as deciding to buy a house or make a financial investment, buy a car, or plan a trip. First of all, set limits and rules, having a healthy balance in this matter.


Sex is important, but not everything. After the wedding, it is very likely that it will remain in the background, since both will be tired of the routine. Therefore, keeping an open dialogue about sexual routine is the way to satisfy everyone, without generating frustration or repressed desires.


Not having a healthy relationship with the partner's parents (and vice versa) can seriously threaten the long-term health of the relationship. If this is the case with you, try to strengthen family ties first of all. Family is the most precious asset we have, and for this reason it is so important to maintain a good relationship with it.


Marriage can be the fulfillment of a desire, but it can also mean that you have to give up others. Planning a life for two is a lot different than doing it in practice, so if you're jealous of your things or even want to have a few more experiences on your own, it's better not to even think about marriage per hour.


Having and keeping this answer in your mind can help you see the health of your relationship. If you can visualize your life as a couple for a long time, it will be much easier to go through conflicts and difficulties. If you don't have that long-term vision, it's best to rethink the union.

Questions to Ask Before Marriage

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1200 Calorie Diet Meal Plans - Weekly Menu
A 1200 calorie diet is a very rigid diet that can only be indicated for rapid weight loss in subjects with a small body size. In purely theoretical terms, it is not indicated* for male subjects taller than 160 cm and for women taller than 165 cm. For subjects with a heavier body size than those indicated, it is advisable to lose weight with more caloric diets (for example a 1400 calorie diet or a 1600 calorie diet), combining a good sporting activity.

1200 Calories Diet Meal Plans - Weekly Menu

1200 calorie diet: The day

Let's first of all see how to set up a 1200 calorie diet.

  • Breakfast is 200 calories.
  • Lunch is 300 calories.
  • Dinner is 700 calories.

Obviously in the diet that we propose there are several possibilities for a single meal. No snacks are provided; the need to use snacks is an indication of an inability to follow the low-calorie diet.

Contrary to other questionable dietary models, no food exception is proposed. To insert one day a week on which you take 700 more calories, for example, is actually equivalent to following not a 1200 calorie diet, but from a 1300 kcal and from a psychological point of view it is certainly better to have 100 more calories per day than 700 once a week. It goes without saying that the dietary exceptions (the classic lunch with friends) can be there, but must be recovered through physical activity, without which any overrun makes the diet plan very ineffective. For further information: the management of food exceptions.

Since personal preferences are always part of a diet, it is important to learn about the calories of foods purchased at the supermarket by reading the nutritional label correctly. In particular, if you change your diet, you need to be able to do so with the same number of calories. For example, if for breakfast you want to use particular bars to replace the meal, if breakfast must bring 200 kcal, you must go back from the information on the label of the product to the amount of bars desired, if a bar brings 220 kcal just one, if it brings 140, one is little, but two are too many (do not become maniacs, you can flaunt 10-20 kcal, but not 80, although each variation must then be added to avoid at the end of the day to distort the diet).

1200 calorie diet: Breakfast

Note: The possible alternatives are separated by a hyphen.

The breakfast is the same for every day and includes one of the following possibilities:

1) Tea and biscuits + 125 g of whole natural yogurt. The biscuits must bring 100 kcal (i.e., for example, a packet of McVitie’s Digestive Thins).

2) Milk (and coffee) + 30 g All Bran Kellogg's (about 120 kcal). The milk used is partially skimmed milk (0.16 l, or 160 cc). Coffee is at will.

3) Coffee (or tea) + 125 g of whole natural yogurt + 2 toasts with jam (12 g per slice).

4) Coffee (or tea) + 125 g of natural whole yogurt + 1 slice of toasted bread with Novi Cream (15 g of cream in total). It is the same recipe as before except that the jam is replaced by Crema Novi.

5) (Coffee) + milk + bar (120 kcal). For those who do not have time. 150 cc of milk, coffee to taste and a bar of those substitutive of the meal (or half, check that the calories taken are about 120). Coffee is optional, since only milk can be used.

6) (Coffee) + milk + biscuits. As in breakfast 1) the biscuits are 100 kcal. Partially skimmed milk 200 cc.

1200 calorie diet: Lunch

Lunch is 300 kcal. In a 1200 kcal diet lunch is necessarily low in calories, leaving in the evening a certain food satisfaction. The subject who is on a diet must take advantage of the fact that work often forces him to a hasty meal to take a few calories at lunch, but then gratify himself at dinner. Six possible lunches are defined; the choice is purely subjective.

1) 250 g of natural whole yogurt + 125 kcal of fruit. The chopped fruit is eaten with the yogurt.

2) Tea + bar + apple of 250 g. For those who do not have time. Tea to taste and a bar of those substitutive of the meal. Using 200-220 kcal bars each, the amount of fruit is about 100 kcal. An apple is fine; alternatively a banana always 250 g gross. Instead of tea, you can use a diet drink.

3) Tomato paste (60 g) + 125 g of low-fat fruit yogurt. For lovers of pasta, the tomato sauce should bring 45 calories: use sauces with a clear nutritional label (frozen or not).

4) Low-fat raw ham (70 g) + 20 g of bread + 125 g of low-fat fruit yogurt

5) Natural salmon (100 g) + 125 g of low-fat fruit yogurt

6) Steak (100 g) + salad.

1200 calorie diet: Dinner

The various days are interchangeable. If you particularly like the menu of one day, it can replace the unpleasant menu of another day.


Mushroom and eggplant soup (172 kcal) + Omelette with artichokes and scamorza cheese with 20 g of bread (350 kcal) + Cream (20 g) + 125 kcal of fruit

Alternative - Veal or horse steak with 300 g steamed potatoes. The steak is 150 g of lean meat. + 200 g of whole yogurt + pieces of fruit (160 kcal): yogurt salad.


Polenta with prawns and courgettes tails (278 kcal) + Low-fat raw ham (100 g) with 20 g of bread and 50 g of stoned green olives (270 kcal) + Fruit (150 kcal)

Alternative - Cream of carrots and zucchini + Salmon and broccoli + Fruit (80 kcal)


Pasta with Runny sauce: 100 g with 80 g of sauce (500 kcal) + Ricotta (50 g) with 20 g of bread (125 kcal) + Fruit (70 kcal)

Alternative - 1/4 rice salad + cream 30 g + 200 kcal fruit


Penne with peppers and anchovies (340 kcal) + Omelette with asparagus and mushrooms with 20 g of bread (307 kcal) + Low-fat fruit yogurt (60 kcal)

Alternative - Natural salmon 100 g + salad + 160 g of tiramisu with ricotta cheese + Fruit (200 kcal)


Pasta with gorgonzola sauce: 100 g with 80 g of sauce (500 kcal) + 100 kcal of fruit (200 kcal)

Alternative - Two portions of Rio Mare Salad Mais Tuna (520 kcal) + Whole yogurt without added sugar (150 g) (90 kcal) + Fruit (90 kcal)


Seitan 150 g with salad + 150 g of tiramisu with ricotta cheese + Fruit (150 kcal)

Alternative - Cold dish + Fruit 150 kcal


Polenta with shrimp tails and courgettes (278 kcal) + Veal or horse steak with salad (200 kcal, the steak is 100 g of lean meat) + 200 g of whole yogurt + Fruit pieces (90 kcal, ie a fruit salad of yogurt, 230 kcal approx.)

Alternative - Seitan 150 g with salad + 150 g of tiramisu with ricotta cheese + Fruit (150 kcal).

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1200 calorie diet: Notes

Drinks, fruit and salads - Drinks, which are often responsible for dietary failures, are not counted in the recipes. Those who are used to the meal drinking wine, beer, Coca Cola, fruit juices, milk can drink from 300 to 1,000 kcal per day without knowing it! One liter of wine is equal to 750 kcal, a quantity that causes every diet and every attempt to distribute macro-nutrients correctly to fail. Drinks are also indirectly responsible: four coffees with a teaspoon of sugar are equivalent to 70-80 kcal.

Water - Practically the only recommended drink. To be abolished: wine, beer, aperitifs, digestives, spirits, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, fruit juices. They are allowed: coffee and tea without sugar or with sweetener (to be abolished also candies), Coca Diet or similar drinks (with sweeteners) where the caloric intake is virtually zero. Milk is only allowed as part of the recipe.

Fruits and vegetables - For fruit it is very useful to have calories gross (see the section Foods). For example, the banana gross brings 58 kcal per 100 g (89 net); just weigh the banana with the skin and you get the calories of the banana peeled and ready to be eaten multiplying the gross weight (in hectolitres) by 43.

For the salad you can use green vegetables in oil, lemon or vinegar. Vegetables (classic salad, spinach, cabbage, asparagus, etc.) can be fresh or steamed, but must be among the low-calorie ones (up to 30 kcal/100 g, certainly not peas, potatoes, etc.). Always use the same quantity for all diets (about 100 kcal): 100 g of vegetables seasoned with 9 g of oil (lemon, vinegar and salt at will) to prevent mega quantities from becoming frustrating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The oil in the salad cannot be added to the eye. 9 grams is nine grams, not fifteen. Use a special kitchen spoon.

Bread and cream - Bread is a food that causes many dietary plans to fail. It is often used in the cuttings of the meal or to "finish" the sauces of the dish. It would be advisable to use dry bread (it is not possible to dry the sauces); alternatively you can use dietary bread, checking that it contains good ingredients. In the diet, grams indicate bread in a crust without a crumb.

Contrary to the common belief, cream is not excessively caloric (less than grain for example) and very satiating. You can use fresh whipping cream or even cream (animal, because the vegetable cream is less caloric -270 kcal compared to 335 kcal per 100 g- but rich in hydrogenated fats) from sugar-free desserts ready in a cylinder. It is an excellent condiment for fruit.

For those who don't like it we suggest the following equivalences, much less satiating, unfortunately: 100 g of cream -> 100 g gross of walnuts (i.e. weighed in the shell); 100 g of cream -> 85 g gross of peanuts.

Bars - Choose high quality bars (for example Perfect Bar), checking the calories brought by each bar. Do not use the bars with a single espresso: their satiating power is enhanced by the fact that they are consumed with at least 150 cc of liquid.

Cereals - As cereals we have chosen the All Bran of Kellogg's (380 kcal per 100 g); they are not the least caloric, but have the advantage of being everywhere.

Rice salad - The rice salad (4 portions) can be prepared as follows: 150 g rice, 1 packet of vegetables for light rice salads, 3 anchovies, 100 g natural tuna, 80 g fat-free raw ham cut into thin cubes, 100 g natural salmon, oil (35 g), salt, milk flakes (like Jocca) 150 g.

Milk - It is better to use the partially skimmed milk, useful for weight loss purposes (in maintenance diets it is better to use whole milk, more satiating and richer in nutrients).

* The main purpose of the Italian diet is to form a food conscience to ensure that everyone is able to manage their diet independently. It may therefore seem strange, if not even contradictory, to propose a diet for weight loss purposes described by wire and by sign. In reality, the diet that we report here has above all a didactic purpose, that is to say, it wants to be the first step with which it is possible to experiment on oneself the results of a dietary plan, the first level of food awareness. However, we must remember that if you are already thin, following a weight loss diet can have very negative effects:

  • Psychologically predisposes towards an anorexic personality;
  • physically leads to a destruction of muscle masses and a decrease in the efficiency of the body.
1200 Calorie Diet Meal Plan - Weekly Menu

In any case, before following a weight loss diet (and a 1200 calorie diet can be defined as such), it is necessary to discuss the chosen diet with your doctor: based on your state of health, he can give useful information and reassure you about the correctness of the choice made.

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3 Green Juices Recipes To Lose Weight
We give you the ingredients to prepare three green juices to lose weight, which will give you great results in the process of achieving the figure of your dreams.

Three green juices to lose weight: Green shakes or juices are excellent for purifying the body and helping to expel what you do not need, therefore, are also very useful to lose weight and reach your dream size for years or perhaps all your life.

This is your moment, don't let it pass and take advantage of these simple recipes of three green juices to lose weight that you can prepare only with your blender. Combine any of these preparations with the best exercise to lose extra pounds according to science and you'll see results soon.

The basis of a good green juice is that it is made mostly by vegetables, especially the green ones, which are the ones that give it its characteristic color. So, if vegetables are important for making the juice, why do we suggest adding fruits? Well, this is because fruits, being sweet, improve the taste of the juice and also contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Green Juices Recipes To Lose Weight

If you want to incorporate these drinks into your daily diet to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, we share three recipes to intersperse them all week. For each, just place each of the ingredients in the blender and beat or mix with a little purified water.

Also avoid peeling vegetables and fruits as it is in the peel where most of their antioxidants are found and, to benefit from its high fiber content, do not strain the mixture you get.

Three green juices to lose weight:

Juice 1

1 stick of celery

Half cucumber

2 green pears

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Juice 2

1 bunch coriander, washed and disinfected

2 cucumbers

1 kiwi

2 green apples

¼ cup fresh orange juice

Juice 3

1 cucumber

2 kiwis

½ tbsp peeled ginger

2 green apples

½ cup spinach

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1200 Calorie Diet: 7-Day Meal Plans for Weight Loss
The 1200 calorie diet is a hypocaloric diet based on the consumption of few calories in order to lose weight. The opinion of those who have tried it is very different from one person to another, assuring some that they remain hungry, that they do not lose weight or that it is very effective. We tell you about its characteristics, controversy and we also offer you a menu.

A diet based on the consumption of 1200 calories per day can be classified into so-called hypocaloric diets. These are based on the restriction of a number of calories per day with the intake being lower than those burned.

1200 Calories Diet for Weight Loss: Weekly Menu

Depending on a person's basal metabolism and physical activity may vary the number of calories in the diet. By ingesting fewer calories than adequate, the body consumes calories from adipose tissue, losing weight and lowering body volume. They assume the most common type of diet and is used especially in people with overweight and obesity.

7 Day, 1200 calorie diet meal plan

We have taken as a reference a weekly menu published in 'Good House Keeping', a renowned American women's magazine that deals with topics such as beauty, health and nutrition.

In their publication, they say that if you follow this diet for 90 days you can lose about 20 pounds.

Day 1


- ¾ of a cup of fiber cereal with skim milk and a banana


- Whole plan sandwich with turkey breast, half roasted pepper dressed with low-fat mayonnaise, mustard and lettuce.

- Skim mozzarella cheese bar.

- 2 kiwis.


- 120 grams of grilled sole.

- 2 sliced tomatoes with grated parmesan cheese.

- 1 cup of couscous.

- 1 cup steamed broccoli

- 1 cup fat-free pudding

Day 2


- Smoothie (or fruit milkshake) made with a cup of frozen berries, half a banana and 200 ml of fat-free milk.

- Half a muffin smeared with light margarine


- A plate of soup with vegetables

- 1 veggie burger with lettuce and sauce on a whole wheat bread

- 1 natural yogurt

- Between 75 and 100 grams of grapes (approximately 15)


- 200 grams of chicken breast with grilled barbecue sauce

- Half a bowl of baked beans

- 3 boiled red potatoes topped with light margarine and a little dill

Day 3


- Half a cup of quick-cooking oats and skim milk, half an apple, a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.


- Salad consisting of 120 grams of roasted chicken breast, red grapes, a tablespoon of almonds, low-fat mayonnaise and lettuce.

- 1 banana


- 120 grams of steamed shrimp

- 1 baked potato covered with three tablespoons of some sauce and one tablespoon sour cream

- 500 grams of steamed spinach

- 1 low-fat ice cream

Day 4


- Half toast margarine combined with a low-fat apple and grated cheese.

- 1 light yogurt with 80 grams of almonds


- Soup with tomato

- Wholemeal sandwich with thin slices of roast beef, horseradish, mustard, lettuce and a couple of tomato slices

- 200 grams of raw vegetables

- 1 pear


- 100 grams of poached salmon

- Salad with 50 grams of cabbage, 2 sliced onions and a little fat-free mayonnaise

- 150 grams of cooked brown rice

- 1 tin of pineapple in its juice

Day 5


- 200 grams of fiber cereals and 250 ml of fat-free milk combined with 95 grams of berries, 80 grams of filleted almonds.


- 1 whole-wheat pancake with 200 grams of low-fat grated cheese and 50 grams of beans

- 100 grams of cottage cheese combined with mandarin segments

- 1 cucumber


- 100 grams of roast pork

- 200 grams of baked pumpkin with purée and cinnamon

- Salad with lettuce, broccoli, bell pepper and onion with two tablespoons mayonnaise or other fat-free sauce

- 1 light yogurt with 200 grams of berries

Day 6


- A waffle or toast with butter and a sliced banana

- 250 ml fat-free milk


- A tuna pita/kebab with light mayonnaise, mustard, cucumber and sliced onion

- 10 small carrots

- 1 light yogurt combined with half banana


- 150 grams of rice combined with chicken, raw ham or prawns.

- 300 grams of steamed spinach

- 1 apple

Day 7


- Half a roll accompanied by low-fat cheese, spinach, a slice of tomato and poached egg.

- 1 grapefruit


- Bean salad (100 grams) combined with mandarin segments, red pepper, onion and a teaspoon of fat-free mayonnaise sauce.

- 1 mini pita/kebab of whole wheat tuna or chicken bread

- 1 pear


- 100 grams of grilled veal

- 1 baked sweet potato spread with light margarine

- 200 grams of steamed zucchini

- 1 tin of pineapple in its juice.

For the diet to work, avoid alcoholic or sugar-rich beverages, as well as taking a multivitamin and a calcium supplement (400 milligrams a day).


Starting a diet is always dangerous if it is not properly controlled. Weight loss sometimes brings dangers to the body such as malnutrition. Some nutritionists say that eating a diet that requires you to consume less than 1200 calories is a health hazard.

Intake of fewer calories than necessary will result in a decrease in the individual's metabolism, retaining fat from protein intake and muscle tissue in order to get energy.

A low-calorie diet leads to an increase in metabolism, which in turn means encouraging the consumption of synthetic supplements that are not always effective. This lack of control would lead to problems with heart rate and blood pressure.

On the other hand, diets that ensure weekly weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds, usually have a rebound effect that causes that once you stop following, causes a rapid weight gain in the individual.

Finally, diets of less than 1200 calories try to suppress as much as possible the fats, proteins and carbohydrates, three macronutrients that play very important roles in the body.

Specialists do agree that this type of diet is not recommended for individuals who meet any of the requirements:

- People who have suffered heart disease (arrhythmias, heart attacks, angina...)

- People with cerebrovascular problems

- People with a history of anorexia or bulimia

- People who suffer from alcohol dependence

- People with diseases who take drugs that reduce the number of proteins in the body

- Pregnant and lactating

- Certain children and adolescents

- Certain people 65 years of age or older

- People with certain diseases (gout, diabetes, emotional disorders, cholelithiasis, etc.)

And what results did you get from the 1200 calorie diet?

Monday, July 29, 2019

What is Keeping You Away From People According to Your Zodiac Sign
There are some characteristics of our personality that tend to be unpleasant for those around us, which causes them to move away from our side. That's why astrologers have already listed the things that keep people away from our side according to our zodiac sign.

These could be considered as defects by others, it's simply not something they can bear. So the best thing for them is to run away. Therefore you must know that which takes everyone away from you.

Why You Keep Pushing The People You Love Away Based On Your Zodiac Sign


People walk away from an Aries when it acts impulsive and doesn't think well of what it says. Even when you intend to be honest, you don't always do well when you need to express your opinion.


People move away from the most jealous of the zodiac because of their high expectations. Some people are very frightened and think they are insufficient for the zodiac.


Not all people understand and tolerate the internal duality that exists in people born under this sign and it is this same inconstancy that makes everyone run away.


The people born under this sign are too dramatic, so those around him end up confused and consider him obsessive, hasty and with the role of victim.


They tend to have too much self-esteem, and in some cases exaggerate with their egocentrism. Sometimes they give the impression of being arrogant, which tends to frighten others.


People born under this sign have the bad habit of expelling people from their lives for something very complicated: no one is good enough for them.


Libras are highly indecisive, which is why they often drive away the most intense people who want to connect with them. Doubting all the time despairs everyone around you.

What drives people away from your side according to your zodiac sign


People born under this sign are quite intense and is this same extremist position. The one who loves or hates and does not know average terms takes him away from the others.


Sagittarius tend to be quite changeable in their decisions and desires. This madness of wanting something different at a given moment and changing to the second separates him from others.


People born under this sign think they are always right or that things should be done their way.


The most creative of the zodiacs are intransigent and don't usually look much for people. This doesn't help much, especially when it comes to relationships.


The most fantastic of the zodiac live in the past, they have a hard time forgetting, which makes them very nostalgic and often remember many bad things.