Signs He Pretends to Love You: Spotting Fake Love

When we're in a romantic relationship, we all desire to feel loved. But many of us have found ourselves in a relationship where we feel that our partner doesn't truly want us. Do you want to know how to tell if a man is pretending to love you?

In the following article, we present some key points that can help you recognize if your partner is with you but doesn't love you. Although you probably already know this, we want to clarify that these clues are not magical and we don't want you to think that fulfilling one or two of them automatically means that your partner doesn't love you.

Signs He Pretends to Love You

Clues to determine if a man truly loves you or is faking it

The question of whether our partner loves us or not is a complex issue and not easy to solve. That's why we want these clues to serve as an alarm for you. If, after reading them, you feel strongly identified, you can make the necessary decisions to change and improve your relationship.

Does he prioritize and consider you?

Naturally, relationships go through different stages, and there may be times when our partner seems to have other priorities and doesn't suggest doing things together, even rejecting the plans you propose. However, there's a fine line with this because if this situation never seems to change, and your constant desire is to be with your partner, it's a cause for concern.

Lack of interest in what happens to you

Another warning sign that indicates a man is pretending to love you, and perhaps a sign that he doesn't truly care about you, is when you don't have moments to communicate or talk about what's going on with both of you, your relationship, and how you feel. It's as if he doesn't want to know or isn't interested in knowing how you're doing or how your relationship is, and he doesn't care if you're doing well or not.

Lack of quality time together

Another significant warning sign is when you don't spend time together. And I mean no time at all. It seems like that person never suggests anything and rejects all your plans, saying they have things to do and can't right now. It feels like your shared life comes down to mere coincidences. But at the same time, he has other plans with other people and seems to carry on with his life as usual. It's as if we're no longer a part of it.

Moments of intimacy

One of the signs you're probably thinking about is whether that man wants to have intimate moments with you or not. But this isn't an effective indicator; it all depends on the context of your lives. What can help you most in this case is noticing whether that person shows an interest in your pleasure and desires, wanting you to have a good time with him.

Blaming you for all conflicts

If, during arguments, it always seems like everything is your fault, it's another sign that things aren't going well. It seems like you can never do anything right, and whatever you say becomes a reason for arguing. There comes a point where you're afraid to say anything because you know it will upset him, and you end up avoiding certain topics. And when you want to discuss it, that person always denies it and belittles you for bringing it up.

Hiding you from their inner circle

When they hide you from their friends or family. If you're in a relationship and despite a reasonable amount of time passing, making it seem like you're a stable couple, you still haven't met their friends or family because they don't want you to, it could indicate that something isn't right. It's like feeling that our partner doesn't want anyone to know that we exist and hides us.

No future plans together

If you don't have any plans for the future, and time goes by, and it seems like the relationship is progressing, but the other person has no interest in fighting for anything regarding your future together, this can happen in relatively new relationships. Even planning summer vacations seems "too much commitment" or moving too fast. And there doesn't seem to be any enthusiasm for making plans for a month from now.

Other clues to know if a man is pretending to love you

Are these the only warning signs that indicate our partner doesn't love us? No, there may be more warning signs, of course. In fact, these warning signs vary depending on whether the relationship is just starting or already established.

All these warning signs have something in common: the characteristic that the man you care about doesn't consider you, isn't interested in knowing if you're doing well or not, isn't interested in resolving the situation or making things better, and avoids all these types of situations.

It feels like the relationship is adrift, and we have no say or voice. Our partner is the one leading, and they do so without even considering whether we're okay or enjoying ourselves or asking us what we want or would like. There are no options for us.

As mentioned earlier, there are moments in relationships when we may feel more distant from each other, but those are fleeting moments, and there's always an intention to improve and, above all, to take into account each other's feelings, to take care of each other and avoid causing harm.

What if a man loves you but you feel it's not enough?

Be careful! Another different situation is when your partner does prioritize you at times, dedicating time to communicate or spending time together, but you still feel that it's not enough. This situation is also a cause for concern, indicating that things aren't going well in the relationship, but it doesn't necessarily mean that your partner doesn't love you. It's a different situation altogether.

This situation, where there are different perspectives on commitment and the intensity of the relationship, indicates that you have different expectations within the partnership, and it will be necessary to make adjustments in order to continue calmly. It doesn't necessarily mean a breakup, but it's crucial to align our expectations and demands with the reality of our partner and ourselves.

How to address the issue of a man pretending to love you?

If, after reading about these warning signs, you realize that something isn't right in your relationship, our suggestion is to seek the help of a couples therapy professional who can assist you in resolving these issues.

Therefore, it's important to start making some simple changes. We suggest setting aside specific times for effective communication with your partner. Dedicate time to talk about how you're doing, how you feel, how things are in the relationship, and vice versa. This way, even if there's nothing significant to discuss, you've created a space for dialogue and intimacy for future occasions when you may need it.

And you, do you feel the need to know if a man is pretending to love you? We'll never fully understand why a person pretends to love another, but the fact is that it happens frequently, and we must be attentive. Share your thoughts in the comments and remember to share the article with those whom you know might find it helpful.
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