Is He Right for Me? Signs to Assess Compatibility in Relationships

We often hear stories of women who passionately fell for a man, only to realize after a few months that he wasn't the perfect match they had envisioned. It can be a challenging and confusing experience, leaving us questioning our choices and feeling overwhelmed. If you find yourself in this mental fog, unsure if the man you're seeing is the right one for you, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll explore valuable signs and insights to help you gain clarity and confidently assess the compatibility of your relationship.

Is He Right for Me?

Is he the right guy for me? How do I know? Am I wasting my time? Will he always be in love with me, or is he holding out for someone better? What are the telltale signals that he cares about me just as much as I care about him? How can I tell how committed he is? How do I rank among the things that are MOST significant to him?

Do any of these questions ring a bell to you? The reality is, we are ALL a little bit apprehensive about our relationships, if you are anything like the tens of thousands of women who have appreciated our writings on love, romance, and spiritual soul mates. And as intuitive empaths, we receive more inquiries regarding commitment than almost any other subject, particularly for connections that have not yet reached the "A-ha" point. (You know, the moment when you understand for certain that you were destined to be together forever)

I like to advise people that you may utilize your OWN inner intuitive guidance to evaluate an existing relationship, even if there are intuitive methods to know whether someone is good for you that are a little difficult to convey in an essay. (A psychic reading is not necessary!)

How to Tell if the Man You're Dating Is Right for You?

These are what I like to call the "Five P's" of a successful, happy, and healthy foundation. They can indicate if you should continue spending your valuable time with someone or move on to someone else. They don't always indicate whether someone is your true soulmate or twin flame.


How high are YOU on his (or her) list of priorities? How about #1? Or are you only a backup choice in his list of options?


Is it present? CAN YOU SENS IT? What about your partner? There is no denying the importance of chemistry, which far too many people ignore at their own risk.

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Do you ever feel as though you are treading carefully? Does he offer you the time and space you require so that you may express your emotions? Patience is the understanding that neither of you will be affected by the passage of time because your link is greater than your physical beings and, in my opinion, greater yet than a single lifetime!


Do you feel the same way about your mission in life? This is really important when it comes to twin flames and spiritual soul mates. Chances are, if you and your partner have completely different "goals," your paths will eventually diverge as you pursue what is most important to you both. When you SHARE a sense of purpose, the sensation of being a genuine team member working together to achieve great things can move mountains and even the heavens and the earth.


Finally, do you feel secure with him? Do you feel like everything will be fine when you're in his arms or even just in the same room as him? Feeling that you are with the person you are destined to be with and that nothing can breach the inner sanctuary of spiritual safety that you co-create together is so immensely beautiful.

Of course, there are a ton of different methods to figure out if the man you're in love with is your true soul mate or simply a stopgap on the road to true love. However, the advice provided above is useful and an excellent approach to use your own intuition to find the answers to your own problems. (A psychic reading is not necessary!)

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