Why Do Children Need Their Grandparents?

If your grandmother raised you, you will surely agree with this study that states that their role in our lives is fundamental. In addition, they love you like no one else in the world.

Children Need Their Grandmothers To Grow up Happy

The children need their grandmothers to grow up happy: it is a fact that does not surprise us at all considering that they are magical beings whose love to give is incomparable.

Science proves this, because according to a study published by the London School of Economics and Political Science, although the presence of fathers in parenting is indispensable, the relationship they maintain with their maternal grandmother has a much greater impact on their well-being.

In order to reach this conclusion, the study reviewed 45 researches on families all over the world and with it determined that a child has greater possibilities of growing up happy if he receives help from a close relative to take care of him, particularly if it is the maternal grandmothers.

Children are dependent on their parents for a long period of time and the care of several at the same time, makes mothers have a great burden, not for nothing many suffer from the so-called burnout syndrome.

In analysis of the available data he realized that the presence of a relative improves the chances of survival of the children in case the mother will die and undeniably the maternal grandmothers are the fundamental piece in that process, ie the key to success.

The study refers that paternal grandmothers are still beneficial, but has more variations in what corresponds to survival effects.

Grandmothers are pure love and their existence will mark our lives forever.

As if all this were not enough, there is a study that states that more than you or your partner, your children resemble their maternal grandmother, who is a key figure in the life of any person as a baby, even as an adult, because in addition to the relationship with her, we inherit a significant genetic burden.

Children Need Their Grandmothers To Grow up Happy

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