Why Tie Your Hair Up To Sleep?

A beauty tip for your hair is to sleep with it specially collected in a braid for its care.

For women, one of the things they try to pay attention to the most is hair care to make their hair look impeccable, whether it's with a good color or not. But they all love to feel healthy, so one recommendation is to sleep with it up.

The benefits of sleeping with your hair up are great. It keeps your hair healthy. The only recommendation is to try to never get it wet, so the effect can be the opposite.

Correct Way To Tie Your Hair At Night Before Sleeping

To protect your hair

Rubbing against the pillow is one of the so-called mechanical aggressions. Over time, the hair fiber wears out, especially if your hair is fine, already sensitized by chemical action (coloring, bleaching) or fragile by nature (curly hair). If you are concerned, systematically attach your lengths to reduce friction considerably. Another more chic alternative is to leave your hair loose and sleep with a pillowcase made of satin, a natural material on which it will slide without being damaged.

Our tip. No need to apply extra care before sleeping. Night is the ideal time to let your scalp breathe. The only exception is if your hair is fragile or sensitive. Before going to bed, apply an oil bath 1 to 4 times a month, depending on its condition.

To keep hair from getting tangled

At night, when you move around, your hair tends to get tangled, especially if you're wearing XXL lengths. In fact, before going to bed, carefully untangle your hair with a bristle brush. Then make a bun, braid or ponytail to keep it supple and avoid knots. The top to make styling easier when you wake up.

Our tip. Above all, don't tighten your tie to ensure maximum comfort without sensitizing the scalp.

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To curl your hair

Braiding hair before bed is a remarkable trick for creating curls without heat, avoiding the drying effect of heat. First of all, make braids all over the hair by holding them at the ends with rubber bands. That is, the more you multiply them, the more volume you will gain. Depending on your preference, use cornrows for structured curls or classic braids (3-strand) for soft, flowing waves.

Our tip. In the morning, once your braids are undone, place your fingers at the roots and shake your hair. This technique melts the curls together to obtain a more natural effect.

Remember never to get your hair wet, as this makes it lose strength, weaken and deteriorate, some say that brushing it at night makes it grow is actually a myth, but what does make this happen is to take care of it, do not forget treatments, masks and more.
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