When a Married Man Falls in Love With Another Woman

That question: "Why married man falls in love with another woman?", can become obsessive and, however, the answers are so varied that it is impossible to answer in a single note the particular reasons that lead a committed man to fall in love with another woman.

Undoubtedly love and marriage require a commitment, and being faithful is also a decision, but despite that commitment and that feeling that one believed eternal, infidelity can happen and, when it does, the woman wonders, "Why did it happen?" "What did I do wrong?" "Why did my husband fall in love with another woman?", and almost always the answer includes "I have been an excellent mother and wife."

But, as painful as it is to accept, we always bear some responsibility for what happens within the couple. Discover through this article a little about the male nature and use it to strengthen your relationship.

why would a married man fall in love with another woman

Authors like John Gray and Walter Riso in his books Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus have warned: men and women are different. Of course, this is not a secret: the problem is that we are rarely interested in knowing the true nature of men; somehow we have stigmatized them with the phrase:

"They're all the same" but, even if they seem predictable, there is a lot to discover. Let's see what the experts tell us:

They're looking for a friend

Who would believe it? Men expect to find a woman with whom to be emotionally intimate. I'm talking about a woman who listens to them, who understands them, a woman they're not afraid to talk to about anything, anything at all. That woman who doesn't react impulsively, who understands without judging them, who doesn't interrupt to say "I told you so", that woman makes them fall in love. Drs. Connell Cowan and Melvyn Kinder in their book Women Men Love, Women Men Leave, consistently emphasize the friend they always hope to find, noting that all men have deep desires, however hidden, for companionship.

They adore the woman who plays

They look for someone who is not afraid to run mascara by playing with it, men are playful beings by nature, they need to express themselves like children. So don't be afraid to look childish, play ball with him, play a video game, let him bring out his inner child and in the process bring out yours.

They want a woman who has her own life

Despite being self-centered, they paradoxically die for the woman who has a life, that her life does not revolve around them, but with love and sweetness they make her understand that they are part of her life, but not all of it.

They love happy women

Ana von Rebeur, Argentine Psychologist and writer, expressed in her book Who Understands Men, something that touched me deeply about what a man expected from a woman, she wrote: "Men only want from a woman, that she is happy." That's right, they are looking for that woman who loves and accepts herself, who clearly knows what her limitations are but knows how to make the best of her strengths, that woman who doesn't make a tragedy out of everything.

They love the essence of women

What better than for them to say it themselves. Recently, a friend told me: "I love feminine women". With that she wanted to tell me that they love our essence, they love what differentiates us from them, the ability to be strong without leaving aside the subtlety and softness that should characterize us.

They hate the cry that manipulates

And my personal conclusion is that they hate feeling guilty and responsible for our pain and suffering, that's why they can't stand our tears. It should be noted that crying is an expression of a feeling that can be of pain or joy, but here I am referring to the crying that we women use as a weapon of control and manipulation.

They love women who support and defend them in public

That woman who never thinks of disqualifying him in public in spite of the problems, that woman conquers them, makes them fall in love. Perhaps the most important thing of all is; "learn to know your husband". What he likes, what he doesn't like, what motivates him, what makes him fall in love. Remember, these are not momentary strategies, but long-lasting habits and behaviors resulting from understanding the male nature and, above all and in a special way, your husband.

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