The Power and Benefits of Rose Quartz Stone

Of the magical stones in this world, rose quartz is one of the most powerful, find out what it does for you and why you should have one.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Stone

There are many stones whose properties help us feel better, one of these stones is quartz, a mineral that can be found in different presentations such as smoky, crystal, blue, red or pink, we will talk about this stone also known as love stone.

Rose quartz is a beautiful stone, surely you have some accessory made with this mineral, its color is due to a substitution of phosphorus silica and as we mentioned, it is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, this quartz extracts the negative energies and replaces them with loving vibrations.

We present 5 properties of rose quartz and why you should have one, this stone will help you heal your love chakra, release sorrows and unexpressed emotions, as well as facilitate forgiveness and self-acceptance, as well as invoke self-esteem and comfort your heart when you have lost your love.

Attracts love

Being the universal stone of love, this quartz attracts love, so if you are looking for your soul mate, this is your stone. Use it in accessories, have in your house, in your room near your bed a rose quartz and you will see the results.

Heals ailments of the soul

Many spiritual traditions use stones to heal problems of the soul, as mentioned, rose quartz helps you to release the pain you bring inside and what you dare not say.

It is a powerful sedative

Being a receptive stone, it is ideal for relaxing and releasing worries from your body and mind. Wearing a rose quartz can calm your nerves and release any stress you may be carrying.

Strengthens the heart

In Hinduism, stones are also used to cure physical ailments, strengthen the heart not only spiritually, but also physically will be your ally to feel better in that aspect, it also helps the circulatory system.

It balances energies

Rose quartz helps to expel negative energies from your mind and body, when you are sad, worried or nervous, the power of rose quartz stone will convert these feelings into joy and relaxation, passing to positive energies.

When you buy a rose quartz, be sure to heal and consecrate it so that all its healing power is properly released to you and yours.
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