Tips to Save Your Marriage: What to Do in a Relationship Crisis?

Many couples wonder what to do when they enter into a marital crisis. We share special tips to help you overcome the challenges in your marriage.

How to Save Your Marriage

Understanding Marital Crisis

Relationship crises can happen in any couple, but when you're married, your union is at risk of falling apart or becoming weaker. The reasons for a crisis can be small uncomfortable details that were not addressed in time, so they become intolerable and lead to arguments instead of dialogues.

Tips for Overcoming Marital Conflict

If you detect that you're in a crisis, it's important to focus on the essential things that need to be fixed. Take it one step at a time. Here are some tips to help you overcome your marital conflicts:

Admitting the Problem

First, admit that you have problems: "We are in crisis." Once you accept this, you can look for ways to save your marriage.


Don't ignore the problem as it will only make things worse. Instead, sit down and talk about what works and what doesn't in your relationship. Come to important and feasible agreements.

Avoid Revenge

Revenge is never the solution. If you believe that doing things to hurt your partner will solve your problems, you're mistaken. Don't resort to aggression, whether physical or emotional.

Emotional Intelligence

Build emotional intelligence. Hug, make eye contact, invite your partner for a coffee and talk. It's okay to cry, to apologize, and to be transparent with your emotions and feelings. It's worth it when you're trying to save your marriage.

Address Behavior

Address the behavior that you don't like, but don't make it personal. Express the problem as something that bothers you, but not as an attack on your partner. You can write down some things that you think need to be changed to improve your relationship.

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Consider Couple's Therapy

Commit to a couple's therapy process. It's important to always consider this alternative, agree to attend, and work with a specialist to find solutions to your problems and move forward from this crisis.

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