My Husband Doesn't Touche Me Anymore

He has forgotten to be romantic with me. Will he have another one?

Couple relationships are a labyrinth. You have to know how to listen and see the body language that sometimes says more than a thousand words. One of the signs that most alert women that there is an infidelity is that the husband ceases to have that closeness in intimacy and they wonder: My husband doesn't touche me anymore, will he have another one?

My Husband Doesn't Touch Me Anymore

Body language lets you know when that person is happy and attentive to what is happening to you. It is very noticeable when one of the two parties has lost sexual appetite, it is like a new page in the life of couples.

If you are not careful with the explanation or communication, it could be misinterpreted, although the first thing you think is that the husband could be with another woman, here we share with you other reasons why he no longer touches you and you should consider them before making a judgment in your head.

We share with you the reasons why your partner does not touch you anymore.

The man is stressed

It is important that you observe if your life partner has been working a lot, it is possible that he feels stressed, that he has so much work that he doesn't want to worry you and prefers to go to bed before you.

When a man is worried about something, he becomes apathetic, they are beings that cannot do many things at once like a woman.

Routine has caught up with him

If you are used to the same thing always happening, there comes a day when things become lazy, you do the same thing so much that you lose your sexual appetite, there is nothing new. The important thing is that this has a solution, surprise him!

Passion disappears when routine enters the intimate life of people, it is advisable to start with different things, such as proposals that rekindle the flame of passion in a motel or elsewhere in the house.

Low self-esteem

If both have gained weight, time passes and does not stop, stretch marks from pregnancies appear, the husband gains weight, and everything is transformed, it is not when they started, possibly there is no longer the attraction they felt at the beginning, but do not worry, this also has a solution, go out together to exercise and a good couple therapy.


Unfortunately this is the main cause of all the reasons why your partner no longer touches you, and by not doing so is because other things have happened, changes of habits, late arrivals home, suspicious messages, his justification for not going out with you anywhere public. It is recommended that you take things as they are, that you confront the partner and look for enough evidence to prove it.

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