Good Morning Prayer To Begin Each Day

When you wake up or go to sleep it is worthwhile to be grateful for the graces you have received, this prayer can help you.

Morning Prayer to Begin Your Day

Appreciation is something that generates peace and more when we do so upon awakening as we have been allowed once again to see the light of day and make a prayer in the morning will fill you with energy, do it for you, your family, your children and the world.

Morning prayer is to thank, you do not need to know how to pray more than anything is to express what comes from your heart, although there are plenty of examples remember that only you know what you need and what makes you happy.

To be grateful is to give thanks for a benefit received, therefore to make a prayer of gratitude works as much for the day as for the night or before an unexpected need, close your eyes and connect with you asking to whom you want.

Here we leave you a prayer which is short and you can bring it with you to say it in the morning, if you have children teach them to be grateful and do it without expecting anything in return but for what they needed at the time and now they get it; it is not always material.

"Lord Father Almighty, Lord of all creation, protect me this day.

Fill my path with light and help me to prosper as a human being. Do not allow me to fall and if I do, I can get up, do not allow me to surrender.

If I need to speak, speak for me, if I look, look for me, and if I listen, listen for me. There will always be an occasion for me to make a mistake, but I beg you to be the one to intercede for me.

Guide my steps and walk with me, help me, care for me and protect me. Let everything that starts today have a successful ending. Give me light to see the good within the bad, and do not let me go for the moment.

Let me see the world with the eyes of love, as you see it, help me be protective and caring agent. Make me look at my neighbor with kindness, even if it is not the best of days, keep me always seeing the glass half full, never half empty.

Do not allow my heart to be filled with feelings other than love, I want to always seek to see the best in everything. I want to trust that you my God, will know what to do with each of the people who have done harm in this world.

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Finally, God, but not less important, help everyone who is suffering, be merciful to the poor, the homeless and the hungry, help them to get ahead and make them see that everything has a way out, they are your children, don't abandon them, don't allow more children to suffer outside a home".

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