Difference Between Physical Attraction and Emotional Attraction

It is not the same to feel physically attracted to that person as to feel an emotional attraction. What do you feel for him? discover the differences that exist.

Physical Attraction vs Emotional Attraction

When you meet someone and he catches your attention, there has to be something that made you contemplate him, that made you want to approach him, to know his name. Then you have to define what you feel for him, what is it that provokes you, if it is a simple physical attraction or an emotional attraction, because they are not the same and there is a huge difference between these two concepts.

There are relationships that do not work because there is only a physical attraction. Everything else is hollow, or only gives way to an affair because they just liked each other and that's it. But having an emotional attraction is very different. It goes beyond a pretty face or a figure that stands out. What do you feel for him? You can find out by knowing what each one encompasses.

There are different types of attraction, ranging from the exterior, the superficial, the banal, to what involves feelings, emotions, and interest, so pay attention to what each one refers to so you know what has generated you that person who stole your attention from the moment you saw her for the first time. You will be clearer about what you are looking for.

Let's start by talking about physical attraction. This happens immediately, when you see someone who stands out for you in the middle of everyone, and meets those aspects that you like so much in a person. It goes from height, skin color, whether or not he has tattoos, the way he walks, the color of his eyes, his smile, his eyes, if he is thin or not, it relates to everything outside.

Physical attraction happens even without cross-talk. You feel attracted to a certain person you saw at the party or at school who meets those superficial expectations that you had contemplated in your list of "perfect partner". Even if you do not know his name or marital status, it is like in adolescence when many were only looking to date the most popular guy.

This type of attraction is not only considered the aesthetic issue or the movements of a person, but also his voice, his smell, but until there is something more, and when some people start a relationship based only on this type of attraction, they usually fail, because they did not contemplate his character, nor his goals, nor his way of facing certain situations.

Now we have the emotional attraction. For this to happen, it takes time. Unlike the physical attraction that can be given at first sight, in the emotional attraction, you have to get to know the person, share time with them, listen to their stories, know how they behave, how they think, and how they act. That's how this attraction develops.

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In the emotional attraction, you feel like being with that person. If you are far away, you just think about them. You like their values, their way of being, of thinking. You even have things or tastes in common. You think about how nice it would be to be by their side. That they would give you a chance. You want to see them, to be close, because they even start to give you security, calm and you have a great time there.

When you get an emotional attraction, there is already a stronger bond; you are not just two strangers who play flirting and that's it; here you both know a little more about each other; you begin to discover what makes you funny; what makes you angry; and you become closer; and maybe, if you both feel the same attraction, there is an opportunity for a couple relationship.
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