5 Signs You are Begging for Love

If you try too hard to gain a little affection, you're likely to be hurt. Recognize that this isn't where it's at!

You liked him, you fell in love, but he is not that loving and caring man you expected. It seems that he is doing you the favor of putting up with you and dating you. Recognize the 5 very clear signs that you are begging love from someone who does not see you the same way you do, who does not love you with that same intensity, and who also sooner or later is going to go away, leaving you with a broken heart.

Stop waiting for a man to reciprocate, don't wait for people who show that they don't love you enough to fight with you to be together, don't wait for someone who has no interest in you. These are the 5 signs that you are begging for love from someone who has already taught you in one way or another that he doesn't care about you, that you are something fleeting and that won't make you happy.

Begging for a little love and attention is not what you deserve, stop doing everything to get a little affection from that man. Remember that the one who really loves you will give you everything without you asking for it, without you having to beg him, to whom you have to insist so that he remembers that you exist, is not worth it and much less worth your tears.

Signs of a One-Sided Relationship

1. You are always the one to take the initiative.

You are the one who makes the plans, makes the appointments, and initiates the conversations. From you are born those desires to share moments by his side, to spend time with him. You are the one who proposes. From him is not born that interest in doing things with you, going for a walk, having a conversation. His lack of interest is more than obvious, but you do not want to recognize it.

2. You give everything and get nothing in return.

When you're in love, you give everything you have; you become more affectionate and detailed; you want to fill it with good times and gestures that deep down you hope he also did with you; to give you a gift; to surprise you with an unexpected kiss; to remember the important dates or, at the very least, to give you a sign that he also loves you.

3. There are no signs of affection or interest on his part.

You want to be by his side, hug him, fill him with kisses, give him caresses, and tell him every moment that you like him, that you love him, and that he is someone important in your life, so that in this way he will never forget you. However, he behaves indifferently, he thinks you are very corny, or he tells you that he is not like that to show affection.

4. You feel lonely even when he is present.

When you are next to him, it seems that it doesn't matter if you are together or not, because instead of being a special moment where you talk about you and have fun together, there are awkward silences, he is busy with his business and ignores you, you feel completely alone, and you wish he was even a little more loving and tender.

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5. You must do everything possible to get his attention.

If you upload a picture to social networks or a cute status, he doesn't see them. You have to ask him to do it so he notices them. When you do something to your hair or dress in a special way, he doesn't notice it either. You have to tell him what you did to yourself so he compliments you or at least finds out about your change. You try everything to keep his attention on you.
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