5 Psychology Tricks To Make Someone Like You

For making an excellent impression on the first date, you need to be well prepared, and you can achieve this by taking into account the following psychological tricks. You will be able to please that person you are so interested in.

How to Be More Likable

These psychological tricks will work for you to get that person interested in your talk, to pay attention to you, and to work for all types of dates, from love to work. The truth is that they are very simple.
So pay close attention to these psychological tricks that will help you get that person interested in you, captivate them and make a good and interesting impression.

Observe his movements and imitate them

The trick is very simple: capture some movements he makes, either with his hands or his face. This will help him accept you immediately because you do things similar to him or her. The facial movements are important. This trick is known as the chameleon effect.
What you didn't know about this trick is that its history goes back to 1999, when researchers at New York University verified the unconscious mimicry and the probabilities of pleasing other people.

"I like you" behavior

Without saying a single word, you have to tell that person that you like them. This can be achieved with the trick of acting. If you like that person, they will think that you like them too.

Always emphasize your skills

When you are in front of that person, always try to surprise him by speaking well of him. Talk about his qualities and tell him how much you admire him. Remember that positive details always give good results.

Avoid exaggerations

No one wants to be with someone who is overwhelmed by their emotions or expressions; be subtle and calculated in knowing when to come in and make a nice comment.

Pay the Bill

Don't let the person pay. This will give you the extra points you are missing in that appointment. It is one of the most important impressions you will ever forget. That's the best trick. Don't forget it!

Psychological Tricks To Make Someone Like You and Never Forget You
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