Which Zodiac Signs Are the Most Difficult to Conquer?

Whether it's out of fear of being hurt, past bad experiences, fear of losing their independence, or even apathy in love, many people are reluctant to enter into a relationship. Far from it all, the stars share their thoughts on all those who seek love. For astrologers, the following signs are the most difficult to "hunt".

Zodiac Signs That Are Hard To Get Along With


Being the most perfectionist sign of the zodiac, he expects his relationships to be so, too, which is an almost impossible task. Although she says she is looking for the love of her life, she has a hard time relating to others. They are people who pay attention to even the smallest details of all that surrounds them, and sometimes they criticize others in a hurtful way.

They are overly demanding and believe that if they are to take a chance in love, it must be with someone who meets all of their requirements. Apart from the fear of being hurt, the fear of being hurt makes you look distant during the first few appointments, which makes the other person feel disappointed.


The duality of their behavior makes the other question what they truly feel, because on one hand, they are very cold but change to loving in less than a second. They tend to generate discomfort in their partners since there are times when they are too interested, while at others they act with complete indifference.


People born under this sign are the freest of the zodiac, so it is hard for them to be in a relationship because they think they will lose some of their independence. They are also quite pessimistic when it comes to talking about love, because they believe that things will not work without trying. So they will act strangely in the first conflict. However, there are times when you will give yourself to your partner with great confidence and times when impulses will win you over and make love not flow properly.


People born under this sign are too cautious, so they have a hard time taking responsibility for what they feel. That's why it often breaks more than one person's heart. This sign is extremely careful with her feelings. She protects herself at all times and does not like to feel vulnerable, so she is rarely open to others.


They are one of the coldest in the zodiac, apart from taking great care of their independence, so it will be common for them to close the doors to love if they feel vulnerable or if the freedom they love so much is at risk. She has a hard time concentrating on what she really feels, sometimes acting so proudly that she refuses to accept that she is falling in love. If you see that the other person does not correspond with you as he or she expects you to, do not hesitate to leave him or her.

For star experts, establishing a relationship with these signs of the zodiac can be a challenge.

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