How To Know if You are codependent On Your Partner

Many people become dependent on the myth that a couple is a complement. Codependency is also known as a union addiction, which consists of an emotional and behavioral condition that can affect all kinds of people. In fact, a codependent will always avoid uncomfortable or strong personal emotions to concentrate on the needs of the other person.

Do I love him or am I codependent?

At some point in our lives, we all show codependent behaviors, but it is important that we identify them and work to eradicate them so that all our relationships are healthy.

Do I love him or am I codependent?

You have a tendency to avoid conflict or uncomfortable emotions; you hide your emotions with aggressive and passive expressions of anger or humor.

Taking responsibility for all the actions of others, both positive and negative, and/or over-justifying the couple's actions

has the erroneous idea that love consists of saving the other person, thus generating constant feelings about the needs of the other.

Strives to give more than is needed in the relationship.

tends to cling to a relationship, however, because it results from personal feelings of loyalty to the partner, and even if the relationship causes harm, the person does not want to leave for fear of loneliness.

has difficulty saying no, and in most cases, feels guilty for being assertive.

You worry excessively about the opinions of others or consider that your opinion is more valuable than that of others.

You have great difficulty communicating and identifying your own needs and even making decisions.

He often feels resentment at the lack of knowledge about his personal efforts and self-sacrifice, which often leads to a feeling of guilt.

Answering the following questions honestly will tell you if you have codependent behaviors according to your tendencies or behaviors.

  • Has your partner hit you or abused you in any way?
  • Do you have a hard time saying no when asked for help?
  • Does everything you have to do cause you conflict, but you never ask for help?
  • Have you ever doubted your own desires or needs?
  • Do you worry all the time about what others think of you?
  • Do you think the opinion of others is more important than your own?
  • Do you think it is difficult to adapt to changes in your environment?
  • Do you have difficulty accepting other people's compliments or gifts?

These are some of the most common feelings that occur in people who have developed a dependency on their partner and consider that they cannot be without it.
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