These Are the 7 Biggest Mistakes We Make On a First Date

It's time for a nice date night again! Maybe it's been a while since you last dated. Whether you are a serious dater or you are sitting in front of someone else every week, a date will never be 100% flawless. Especially a first date won't. But... Preparation is half the job.

7 Biggest Mistakes We Make On a First Date

1. Fashionably late on your date

It always seems very tempting to arrive a few minutes later on your date. You're probably already nervous and then every minute you just have to wait at a table is nerve wrecking. What if the other person doesn't show up? But be honest, how often do a few minutes later end in half an hour? Exactly. If you wait for half an hour, your date will suffer the same torment as you.

Conclusion: fashionably late is out of date. Being on time, the new one arrives too late. If you can't make it in time, please send us a message. Nothing is as annoying as having to wait a long time for a (first) date.

2. Drunk on a date

A glass of alcohol is more than welcome, but looking too deeply into the glass is not done during a date. A little giggling flirting after a few glasses of wine is of course no harm. Nobody is waiting for a date that you have to bring home. Give your date the chance to get to know the sober you.

You know yourself the best of everyone, including your own limits. Try to map these out in advance. This way you won't regret your statements and your (out of control) actions afterwards.

Alternative options: instead of drinking alcohol, you can of course fill in a date differently. How about a coffee date? Or a visit to a museum or a breath of fresh air in the woods? There are original data ideas in abundance!

3. Not being dressed on the date occasion

A beach date on a hot summer day without swimwear, that's not what you're looking for. Bowling in a skirt? Or arrive in your casual outfit while you have date tickets for the Carnegie Hall. Not being dressed for the occasion can be a bit embarrassing. And especially annoying for you! Ask before the date what and where you are going to date. That saves a lot of stress. So you can fully focus on him or her, instead of your 'not so appropriate' outfit!

4. Showing too much interest in the future

A first date is always exciting. It's good to show interest in his or her life and plans for the future, but try to keep it casual. Whether he or she wants to get married and favorite baby names are more second or third date topics. These kinds of intimate subjects will probably deter your date. If your date starts with intimate subjects, you can, if you like, join in...

5. Dating with you and your phone

Of course it's nice to inform your girlfriends about your date during a toilet visit. But being taped to your phone all the time is an unwise turn off. You just started dating to get to know each other better and not to show how quickly you can answer apps. Turn your phone on so you don't get any incoming notifications and check your phone in moderation. If your date is great, you probably won't think about your phone for a second.

6. Talking about your ex

Telling each other about embarrassing data stories can be very funny. An hour of talking about your ex and his shortcomings? That doesn't make anyone happy. Your date probably doesn't know your ex and won't know how to react. Keep the past in the past and focus on the fun date in front of you!

7. Can't control your nerves

Being nervous about a date is the most normal thing in the world, but not being able to listen to what your date has to say because you are intensely nervous is not nice.

Try to remember that your date is probably a bit nervous too. Take a few deep breaths before you get on your date and then try to get rid of the nerves. You have nothing to lose. You have both chosen to schedule this date. Put on a nice smile and relax!

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7 Biggest Mistakes We Make On a First Date

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