What to Do on the First Date? 9 Tips to Make Your Date Great

To avoid missing this crucial stage of conquest, understand what the woman expects from you on the first date.

how to get laid on the first date

You asked that cat out, and, to your joy, she said yes. Very well. But don't think that the worst is over: you have to prepare yourself for the first date. And then, my friend, the real challenge begins.
Not by chance, the first meeting is a unique moment that will define the next steps from then on. It can end with the promise of seeing each other again, not seeing each other again, or, hopefully, on a night of casual sex. It all depends on playing the right cards.
But we know that preparing for a first meeting, no matter how many you have had, is not the simplest of tasks. After all, every girl is different, and you have to take that into account.
Luckily, some of the "rules" of the first meeting are universal. And, if they are followed, they can help you gain several positive points with the cat.
Do you want to know what they are? We've separated 9 tips on what to do on the first date so you don't miss a thing.

1. Leave the sloppiness at home and go tidily..

Getting dressed up for a date is half the battle. Before leaving the house to find the cat, take a good bath, and don't forget to pass the deodorant. You can even consider using a perfume if the occasion permits, but be careful not to exaggerate the dose. When choosing your clothes, give preference to simplicity and practicality. But don't even think about flip-flops, showing up in shorts or showing off that flowery printed shirt you bought on your last vacation.

2. Offer to pick her up

For practicality and even security, it is very common for women to prefer to go out on their own - after all, if she finds you a suitcase, she can leave alone. But it doesn't cost you anything to offer to pick her up. At the end of the meeting, offering to take her home is also a good idea, especially if you've done well and still don't want to say goodbye. But if you still don't have a car to call your own, that's okay: there's nothing rude about taking a taxi together or suggesting walking if the place is nearby.

3. Choose a place where you can talk

It may not look like it, but choosing the ideal place for the first date is more difficult than it looks. This is because it is necessary to take into account your personal tastes and those of the person who will meet you. The tip to not making a mistake is to keep in mind somewhere where the two of you can talk quietly. Cinema or bar with live music? Ideally, the first meeting should take place in a cafeteria, a park, or a restaurant. These places, besides being more reserved and ideal for a good chat, have a pleasant atmosphere for flirting.

4. Are you going to drink or dine? propose to pay the bill

Don't worry about thinking it's your job to pay the bill every time. In these modern times, many women prefer to split their dinner or bar bills without any problems. However, it is still recommended that you at least offer to pay the bill, especially if the invitation to the meeting came from you. After all, it is not at all pleasant to receive an invitation to a not at all humble dinner at the most popular restaurant in town and have to split the bill, right? But if, even after you offer to pay, she still insists on contributing, respect her wishes.

5. Be polite and know how to speak

You can bet nothing takes away a girl's animation for a first date more than a man who doesn't know how to talk properly. Or worse, he's rude and has a vocabulary limited to swearing and slang. So when you sit down to talk, show respect and good manners. Know the right time to speak and when to listen. And, most importantly, don't interrupt what you're saying to her because you remembered something similar that happened to you in third grade, okay?

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6. Try hard to have good subjects

It is also of no use to have all the vocabulary in the world at your disposal if your subject is uninteresting and makes you sleepy. Here, the advice is almost a trick: before the meeting, try to get to know her personal tastes and put together a list of possible subjects to be discussed. If your tastes are similar, everything will go quite naturally. Otherwise, it may be worth "studying" first to know what to say on the spot. The important thing is not to leave uncomfortable moments of silence on the table.

7. Avoid talking about your ex-girlfriends

Women simply HOLD when you talk about any of your exes, especially during your first meeting, obviously. The simple tip is: don't even think about your ex when you're with another girl right in front of you, interested in you. Any comparison, comment, insinuation whatsoever, even if it is to speak ill of your ex or how "crazy" she was, doesn't do well at all and leaves an unpleasant atmosphere in the conversation.

8. Everything has its time. Don't be inconvenient

Talk, talk, talk... you're more intimate now, and ready for a more physical approach, but with limits. Don't be so inconvenient as to try to kiss her, run your hand over her body, or make disrespectful comments. You may even be totally open to sex, but she may not be on the same vibe as you. Respect her time, treat her lovingly, hold her hand, and if she is comfortable with your gestures, a kiss goodbye is almost certain.

9. When you get home or the next day, send a message

Everything went well and you want to talk about how much you enjoyed her company and ask when you will see each other again? Sending a sincere message thanking her for the evening when you get home or, without fail, the next day is the best way to demonstrate this. On the other hand, if the night didn't go the way you expected it to and you think it's best if they don't meet again, just suddenly disappearing and leaving you waiting for some feedback is not at all gentle. Be honest. Send a message explaining the decision and make it clear that it is not your intention to hurt her. She'll understand.

What to Do on the First Date

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