Zodiac Signs: Women Who Forget Their Exes Quickly

These women zodiac signs when they decide to take someone out of their life, they get it, forgetting quickly their ex is not impossible mission for them.

The past stepped on, no doubt that expression is very clear to these women of the zodiac who quickly forget their ex, know that at the end of a relationship, the time has come to become insensitive.

To return their heart of stone is what these women of the zodiac propose themselves that they quickly forget their ex, nothing to go begging to them, they suffer one or two days no more, they know what they are worth and they do not allow themselves to be humiliated by love.

Zodiac Signs Who Quickly Forget Their Ex

The women of the zodiac who quickly forget their ex, are wounded of the heart, but that is what gives them the strength to rise from the fall and continue forward.

They know that the end of a love relationship is not the end of the world, so they leave the bad in the past and only keep the good memories, but do not let it affect them.

This is the list of women zodiac signs who quickly forget their ex, if you're within it is because you have a very high self-esteem and do not have time to lament for someone who did not want you by his side.


You are a very proud woman, your own pride does not allow you to walk lamenting through the corridors as if from soul to soul you were, put your welfare first, to end with your ex you know it is time to turn the page.


You warn yourself before the end of the relationship, because you do not like to move so fast precisely not to suffer such a heavy fall, you do not fully express your feelings, but yes, you might think of revenge.


You return your cold heart if you forget your ex is concerned, do not let anyone see you with a broken heart, even if you still love him, you will find a way to discard those feelings, look for someone to fill that gap immediately. 

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When you finish with your ex, a few days later you forget it and when you get to mention who he is, you take care of forgetting even the name, contempt is your greatest weapon and you will know how to continue with your life.

Women who quickly forget their exes, become hurtful, cold or even close to love for a good period of time, but yes, you will never see them crying or begging the one who made them cry and has decided to lose them.
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