How To Get Over the Pain of Unrequited Love

A love that wasn't can hurt even more than when a relationship ends. You cry and suffer the same.

Just because we haven't had a relationship with the person who stole our heart doesn't mean that we won't suffer for him, on the contrary, it usually hurts more not to be reciprocated.

How To Get Over Unrequited Love

You have the same feeling in your stomach every time you see the person who has earned our love, with every encounter comes the illusion and above all you have the certainty that the ideal person has come into our life, so it is difficult to realize that this love can not be.

Before all this we must know how to get over an unrequited love. According to a study conducted by Case Western Reserve University, more than 98% of participants have experienced a strong feeling of unrequited love at some point in their lives.

When we are hopelessly in love, we tend to idealize the other. And by creating the image of perfection in our minds we lose the ability to assess whether this person would really fit into our real life. This happens, for example, when someone falls in love with an office colleague with whom they have never spoken.

Now, how to get over an unrequited love?

Go through all the stages of grief

Mourning the loss of a love that wasn't often hurts even more than the loss of an established relationship that didn't work out for understood reasons. Then you will most likely go through the next phases:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

On the other hand, you need to go through each one of them. Don't despair according to the psychologists you will need at least three months to forget that person.

Avoid having contact

When you see your loved one the level of dopamine in the body is quite high however when we are not reciprocated in the body something similar to the withdrawal syndrome similar to that experienced by addicts happens.

What you should do is stay away from that person until you find other sources of happiness. You have to stop checking their social networks and even stop answering their calls and messages. If you know that person doesn't feel the same way about you, now is the time to take care of yourself.

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Try to think more rationally

Sometimes we fall in love with an image built in our mind, but which has nothing to do with reality. You must bear in mind that we cannot love what we do not really know, since love is something that comes with time and daily coexistence.

So in order to forget a love that is not reciprocal, it is of the utmost importance that you ask yourself the following:

Do you have the opportunity to know that person?

What do you know about that person?

Do you know that you are physically attracted to that person, but are you able to see another of their qualities?

What are your weaknesses?

Are you in love or are you just trying to make up for your lack of affection?

By being a little rational, you will notice that love and desire are very different feelings. You will discover that it is not worth fighting for someone who does not love you, whatever the reason.

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Worthy of note

Remember that unrequited love is not easy because no one likes rejection. However, mature people should seek to learn from bad situations and move on.
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