Choosing the Right Time to Say, "I Love You"

If love frightens you because you have been hurt in the past, or you are worried about making a commitment, just for a few moments put those fears aside. With a fearless heart ask yourself where you are. What is your heart telling you? You see when it comes to affairs of the heart it is always best to go with the "heart."

Choosing the Right Time to Say, "I Love You"

Often there are sensory cues long before a person can utter the words "I love you." Brilliant minds can push love away because they tend to intellectualize feelings rather than allowing the feelings to guide. I believe it is a theory of quantum physics that you cannot deeply desire that which is not deeply desiring you. Human magnetic fields are strong. There are silent cues that are constantly being transmitted by all living beings.

Some people call them "vibes" others see it as a state of attraction. Actually we transmit intrinsic data fields on scalar waves like music being played. These morphogenic field transmissions are inaudible but very powerful. Love is like a tidal wave that crashes over your soul and shakes the essence of you. It is undeniable and it is incredibly beautiful!

So if you are in love you absolutely know it. You think of your partner day and night, wonder what they are doing, what they are thinking, and you may find yourself pining for them. You may find that you can't eat, can't sleep well, or your thoughts continue to drift to a past moment that pleased you over and over again.

You can try to ignore this thing called love or you can act upon it by sharing it. Hiding your feelings of love is painful until it is finally expressed. When love is expressed, be it physically, mentally or emotionally, it allows a reciprocal flow of life energy back and forth, almost as if a revival of the spirit is taking place and old becomes new again.

So this wave of love continually washes over you on every level. You find yourself wanting to please your partner; you will find joy in their joy, pain in their pain, a freshness about life, and perhaps even a level of communication you have never experienced with anyone before. Love can be strong, it can be gentle, it can be a lapping wave that touches the shore on a constant basis or may come in at higher levels...ones you can even ride!

When is it the right time to tell someone that you have fallen in love with them? The right time is when you have sensed their love for you even if the words have not yet been spoken. Some individuals are more capable of verbal expression and others, and this is more often a male trait, best "say" I love you by physical expression such as in lovemaking. Sometimes it is best to say the words "I love you" as the entire being is engaging in the act of making love. However, please never ever use the act of sex to fool anyone into believing you love if you truly do not.

If you are holding hands and you look into your partner's eyes and there is love in his/her heart you will be able to sense the glow, and the even the fear of love. Yes, love can be frightening especially to someone who wasn't ready for love to appear. You may have just gotten out of one relationship, or you may have been deeply hurt by a former lover and so your protective shield goes up because your instinct is to run from harm. Whatever we resist may persist.

Younger people often equate sexual attraction and lust with love. Nature has a way of bringing people together because proliferation keeps the cycle of life going. That is why some men and women date many different people before actually experiencing true love. Those that are vibrant, the "animals" that would best further the herd can have great sexual drive and built in innate wisdom urging them to seek and proliferate. These individuals are not acting with moral constraints but rather by pure sexual drive and motivation---a sort of conquering effort like lions in the jungle. But one day their sexual prowess will transform from lust to love...all souls are actually seeking that one incredible life mate with whom they can share passionate love until the end of time.

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Are you in love? If you are - there will be many perfect moments to say "I love you." Saying those three powerful words can be incredibly freeing for the body, mind and spirit. Love is a wonderful gift that should not be intellectualized; it should be cherished and savored. As you embrace love it will embrace you. Place no expectations on is different for every human being. Men and women have different ready points and that is okay. Love is patient, it is kind, it is all that the Bible Verse says and more.

Three simple words have been the catalyst for more than one can imagine. Imagine what they will do for you.

How to know if you should say I love you:

  1. Does the thought of your lover constantly cross your mind?
  2. Have you felt that you do not want he/she to leave the circle of your life?
  3. Do you experience physical, emotional and mental states of "high" when you are with your partner?
  4. Has lovemaking moved to a new level - one beyond the act itself where you are engaging each other's spirits?
  5. Have you thought more about your lover's needs than your own? What pleases, what hurts?
  6. Do you wish that your lover would never think of being intimate with anyone else?
  7. Does time disappear when you hold one another? Are you dear friends?
  8. No matter what your age, have you craved intimacy that touches the depth of your lover?
  9. Is it easy for you to overlook little quirks about your partner?
  10. Is saying "I love you" happening in your mind silently when you are together?

The perfect time to say "I love you" is when you no longer wonder if you should say it. Wishing you a lifetime of love that thrills you to your core over and over again!
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