is Kissing Considered Cheating?

There is nothing more important in a relationship than trust. Many times, it's jealousy and suspicions that conclude destroying your romantic relationship. And there is absolutely no universal rule that specifies just what a deception implies. Obviously they can't have sexual intercourse with anyone else, but what about kissing?

Is Kissing infidelity? Most men don't think so

Recently, a study conducted by BBC Radio 5 Live disclosed that the vast majority of men (91%!) do not consider kissing another person on the mouth to be infidelity. For them, sex only is tantamount to cheating. The women surveyed didn't agree, 73% of them explained that kissing can be an unfaithful act.

Not just that! Over fifty percent of the respondents also didn't consider having virtual sex or sending and receiving suggestive texts messages to be unfaithful. Again, different from what majority of the women (75%) thought, they do see this act as a hoax.

This isn't the first time that a study has been carried out to investigate the subject. A group of psychologists from Scotland also conducted a survey for the same purposes. In this opportunity 60% of men said that giving a kiss to a person who is not his girlfriend does not mean to be unfaithful and, if it happens, just talk about it with the couple. What do you think?

Is Kissing Cheating? Most men don't think so

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